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How to prepare a home for selling?

Do you want a new life in a new home? If the answer is yes, then you should first sell your current home. Moving into a new home is an amazing experience, but first, you should sell the current home. It is not a simple job to do. Besides that you need a good real estate agent who can sell your home, you should be ready forhome sale preparation. So, what to do and how to prepare a home for selling? Luckily, we have some tips and tricks and your home will look stunning. Sometimes a minor change can be very helpful. The first impression for home buyers is an important thing, so pay attention to that.

Prepare a home for selling by cleaning it

Preparing a house for sale is not easy, but you should give your best. It is not just about cleaning dust. Of course, you should do it, but not just that. Preparing a home for selling include deep cleaning every space inside and out (if you have a yard). For example, clean the fireplace, fan blades, wash all windows and doors, polish your appliances in the kitchen and faucets. If you have already moved out or if you do not have a time for deep cleaning, hire a cleaning service. A dirty home is not attractive and it will reduce the price. And the point is to sell your home for the best price. On what to pay attention?

Girl prepare a home for selling.
A home must be clean if you want to sell it fast, so clean every room in your home.
  • Clean your closet with wardrobe. It should not look messy and too crowded.
  • Pay a special attention to the kitchen and bathroom when you prepare a home for selling. Nothing is uglier than dirty bathrooms and kitchen.
  • By cleaning a basement you will add a value to your home.

Space should be depersonalized

People who want to buy your house should be able to envision themselves inside. That means that you need to remove your personal items such as family photos and kids’ paintings on the fridge. When you are asking how to get a house ready to sell, then put yourself in the position of buying one. Buying a home is a big decision to make, and selling one is a bigger decision. It is hard to remove those personal items, but you will have to do it eventually, now or later. Your personal items will distract potential buyers, for sure. Depersonalization also includes removing anything that is “too much”. For example, if you have a bright yellow screaming sofa, remove it.

Home interior ready for selling.
Remove family photos, clean the room, remove unique decorations and depersonalize it.

Rent a permanent storage unit

Decluttering, cleaning, and depersonalization means that you should remove all those “unique” items. A home should be clean and open. When you prepare a home for selling, you do not have to throw away your items. Store them in a storage unit. A permanent storage unit will help you to open up your space and that means, buyers can imagine themselves and their items there. You can store furniture, off-season clothing, and shoes, family photos, paintings, music instruments, etc. Home is more pretty with less furniture inside.

Paint the walls in neutral colors

Painting the walls is a simple and quick home preparation for selling. Avoid dramatic colors in the rooms. This will reduce the number of potential buyers. The solution is to repaint rooms in neutral colors such as white or beige. Do not underestimate the power of the wall colors. On the other hand, a house will look fresh and clean.

The smell of the home is important

Do not cook spacy food on the day of a showing. Avoid the smell of alcohol and cigarettes. Also, a neutral smell is not recommended too. What is the solution? You can bake homemade cookies. This smell will remind buyers of their childhood and a warm home atmosphere. It is a small detail that will increase the chance of selling. Nothing smells better than home chocolate cookies.

Cinnamon cookies with a glaze.
The smell of the house is important. Try to remind buyers of their childhood.

Add a natural light

Open your windows and let there be light. Remove your curtains and your home will be bright. Buyers do not like dark places with no light at all. Natural light will open up your space and it will look very pretty. If the room does not have enough light, you can add floor or table lamps. You will get bigger and more inviting space. Dark rooms are depressing and that may reject potential buyers.

Empty room with big windows.
A bright room with natural light will open your space and it will look bigger.

Do not forget the exterior

It is a very first impression. If the yard is dirty and messy, that will reject them. Do not spend all your time inside your house. A yard is very, very important. Some buyers may decide to buy a house just when they see an amazing yard. Take care of your plants and grass in front of the house and in the backyard too. Fix the paint on the walls and keep the walkway clean, etc. If you do not have flowers, add some plants along the walkway.

Exterior of the house.
Clean the exterior of the house. It is the very first impression. Make sure it will be amazing.

Prepare a home for selling by following these simple tips. Find a good real estate agent and he/she will give you more useful tips. The point is to sell your home fast and of course, for the best price. And you will accomplish that, just if you do some minor changes. Moving can be stressful, and selling a home is just adding more fire to it. But, if you prepare your home for new owners, you do not have a reason to worry. Good luck with selling your home and buying a new one, if it is your goal.

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