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How to pick functional furniture for a small apartment

So, you need to pick functional furniture for a small apartment? The most difficult task when decorating is choosing the right furniture. Choosing the right furniture when you are living in a small apartment is even harder. It has to fit comfortably in a small space, without looking out of place. You don’t want to have furniture that makes your apartment feel cramped and cluttered. It also needs to be practical and functional. So, if you think you are in this kind of situation, then this article is for you.

clean desk
Keep it as simple as possible

Choose compact furniture

You need to pick functional furniture if you don’t have enough space for extravagant pieces of it. The furniture needs to occupy as little space as possible. It has to be unobtrusive since you don’t want to trip over it again and again. You should furnish your apartment with lightweight pieces, made of lightweight materials.

Don’t clutter your space with small pieces

A lot of people think that picking small pieces of furniture won’t affect clutter in a small apartment. The truth is far different. If you want to pick functional furniture for a small apartment, then know that small pieces of furniture can make your apartment feel smaller and more cluttered. People will have to handle those pieces every time they want to pass by them, and the risk of tripping over them is actually pretty high. So, avoid picking small pieces of furniture if you want to pick functional furniture for your small apartment. But first, organize your home, so you can see what fits where.

Let professionals handle your furniture

Since you want to fill your small apartment with furniture, you don’t want to break something when moving it around. Let professionals with experience move your furniture, as they are trained to move furniture as efficiently as possible. There is a high chance of breaking something if you do it yourself, and if you end up breaking something, you’ll have to pay for it. Also, there is a high chance of injury, and medical costs are no joke.

U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn is a team of moving professionals, which is, among other things, highly skilled in moving furniture. Consider them even if you need to move other things for your other homes.

Use wall-mounted pieces

Having your furniture mounted on the walls instead of letting it sit on your floor will allow your room to feel more spacious. A few good options include a dinning table, a wall-mounted desk and forever popular open shelves. Be smart about your space.

clean apartment monochromatic interior
Don’t go wild on colors

Be smart about your style

Choose monochromatic colors. Having multiple colors in you small apartment can make your apartment seem kitschy and out of taste. Consult online or with some of your artsy friends about choosing the right colors. Furniture will appear lighter. Use white color for furniture that is mounted on the walls so it blends into walls. It’ll fit better.

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