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How to pack winter accessories for storage

If you need to pack all your winter clothes and accessories for storage we have a few tips and tricks for you that might be helpful. All those winter items tend to be pretty bulky and take up a lot of space and you use them only once a year so it makes sense for them to be in a storage unit. But not all units are the same. Temperature-controlled units are the safest for storing clothes and accessories. You will be avoiding the risk of mold and mildew that can ruin all your stuff.

Preparing clothes and accessories for storage

Before anything else, you should wash all your stuff that will be going to the storage. Those items will be there for quite some time so you want them in the best shape before storing them. It would be smart to buy one of those scented little bags (lavender sachets) that will keep your clothes and accessories smelling nice for a long time. You can have tidy storage that also smells nice.

washing accessories for storage
Your first step is a trip to a laundry room.

Organizing your winter clothes and accessories

Take a look around. See what you have on you. How many items are for storage? You certainly need some plan. Thinking ahead is always a good option. Planing everything will keep all your stuff safe. Divide everything into groups using any system you think is good and pack it that way. You will obviously need some packing material but before that let’s mention vacuum bags since they are perfect for storing clothes and accessories.

Vacuum bags

Vacuum sealed bags are a good option if you are storing your winter accessories and clothes in storage or in your own home using the attic, garage, or any other place where you can put them. It’s ok if you don’t have space in your own home, that’s what storage units are for. You will be saving a lot of space if you use those bags and they will keep your stuff protected and even smelling nice.

Packing material

You will be packing everything that is going to a storage unit just like you would be packing stuff for storage. That means moving boxes and other packing material. Try to find good-quality ones. Also, it means packing paper and bubble wrap. If you have some accessories that are fragile or easily breakable they should be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them.

using packing materials to keep your winter accessories in storage protected.
You need to pack everything carefully.

Packing apps

There are plenty of packing apps available nowadays and most of them are free to use. Packing Pro and Packtor are the most popular ones but there are plenty of good ones besides the two we just mentioned. Those packing apps can help you when the time comes to pack all your winter clothes and accessories for storage and they will have some useful tips for you.

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