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How to organize a garage sale

In case you are moving, you’ve probably done some decluttering. And you’ve probably sorted out some items you don’t really need, but don’t want to throw them away. A garage sale is a great way to get rid of these items and even earn some money! That’s way let’s see what’s the best way to organize a garage sale and sell everything you don’t use anymore.

organize a garage sale
It is fairly easy to organize a garage sale if you follow our simple tips

Choose the best time and date

The success of a yard sale often depends on the day it happens on. That’s why be sure to choose the best date possible – it’s best to host it at the beginning of a month, and choose Friday, Saturday or even Sunday morning. We said morning because it’s best to do it earlier before people start with their daily tasks. Also, take a look at the weather forecast, too – cold and rainy days will bring few people to your sale.

choose a date to organize a garage sale
A good date can bring more customers to your garage sale

Ask for a permit to organize a garage sale

Many cities require you to have a special permit to organize a garage sale or any kind of similar gathering. That’s why be sure to go to your city hall and ask if you need one. Don’t let your garage sale cost you more than you earned!


Be sure to promote your garage sale so people know when and where to come. Put up the signs with the time and location all-around your neighborhood. Also, use social networks to invite the people you know to your garage sale.

Sort your items and put prices on them

Organize the items you’re about to sell in logical groups of similar items. Also, be sure to label each item with a price tag, to avoid too many questions during the sale. Be realistic about the pricing. We know that some items carry valuable memories, but be sure to make the price attractive to a potential buyer.

Have all the necessary supplies to organize a garage sale

You need to be ready for a day like this. gather all the supplies you need to make the garage sale easy and smooth. To organize a garage sale, you will need :

  • a couple of tables for the items. Also, you’ll need a separate table for the cashier – where you will be sitting and charging the items
  • plastic bags – the buyers won’t be carrying items in their hands, so prepare some plastic/paper bags and even some cardboard boxes if you have some bigger items to sell.
  • change – be ready to give the change since not all the customers have the exact amounts you ask for.
  • a calculator
  • cloth racks – it’s much easier and nicer to hang clothes on a rack. It will be more convenient for buyers to browse.
  • one or two mirrors – if you are selling clothes, some buyers would want to try it on, so have a mirror or two nearby.
hang clothes on rack
Hang clothes neatly, to make it easy for the buyers to browse and buy them

Create a friendly atmosphere

When you organize a garage sale, be sure to think about the atmosphere, too. Be friendly to your customers and offer to help them out with the items. Also, be ready to negotiate the price and offer discounts for multiple items. You can also play some music in the background – make the garage sale atmosphere inviting and pleasant so people are eager to buy from you!

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