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How to negotiate with movers – 2020 edition

Negotiating is part of life. Even though we tend to accept for granted the offers that are presented to us, we can still negotiate. There are many ways to negotiate a better deal. Many people don’t know how to do it or if they can do it properly, but it is a skill worth mastering. Negotiating when moving is also possible. Negotiate the price or discount, negotiate additional service, etc. If you are wondering how to negotiate with movers here is where you can learn!

What you have to know about negotiating with movers

Negotiating with movers is a must for anyone planning to move. You must know that moving can be very expensive so you can try to negotiate a better price. At least try to negotiate a more affordable relocation with your movers. Your first step should be to investigate and research moving and movers. Get a sense of the cost of moving and all related expenses. Also, try to find reliable estimates from trustworthy movers that have a good reputation. Make sure to investigate more that one mover or service. If you are moving to California make sure you research different options in California for your relocation.

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Negotiations with your movers will make sure you fit within the moving budget and save money while moving.

Find a reliable company

Not every moving company does business according to the law. Moving scams are not uncommon so you must be careful about the company you hire. A moving company that offers a great deal may not be that reliable and straight forward. Unreliable companies will also not be interested in negotiating. So, do a background check and find out if the company is licensed and registered. Reliable companies like Mod Movers CA will also be happy to give you an estimate and answer any question about the additional services they provide. Registered companies usually need to fulfill certain criteria to get registered so the chances are they are trustworthy.

Before hiring movers you should check:

  • Their license with the FMCSA, BBB, and AMSA – that hold a database of licensed moving companies
  • Companies history of complaints and customer satisfaction
  • Check out their reviews 
  • Check the companies experiences and talk to the workers

Find and compare estimates

When researching and preparing for negotiations you should try to gather as much information as you can. Don’t hire the first company you find especially if its price seems too low. Try to get at least 3 moving estimates and offers. Contact them to get a detailed listing of their services and prices so you can make an informed decision. In this way, you can make sure to get a top-rated company, the best price you can, and get the info to negotiate.

These estimates are a good starting point for negotiations but also try to get additional info. Check for other services they may provide like packing, for example. These services can mean a considerable increase in price if you need them. Check for specialized services like packing and moving valuables and fragile or bulky items like instruments. Get in-house estimates from a couple of companies so you can get a sense of the budget you will have to prepare. This will also give you an idea about whether there is room to negotiate and how much.

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Cut the cost of your move by negotiation and good preparation

Negotiate with your movers

After you have prepared yourself, it’s time to negotiate. Make a negotiation strategy and be self-confident. Make a list of what you want and what you require for your move. List all of the services you need and how much you can spend on them. Make sure that you know your budget. You have to be aware that most companies will consider lowering the price instead of losing clients. So make sure you try the following:

  • Ask for discounts – many movers will give discounts to military staff, students or veterans
  • Be flexible about the moving dates. If you plan your move for the middle of the month, you will be able to get a discount. If you move out of season or plan your move during workdays, your move can be cheaper.
  • Make sure to negotiate for other services. Moving rates tend to be fixed and non-negotiable so try to save money on additional services

Also, ask your movers to match the competitor’s price. Every aspect of the business is competition. So when companies want to attract new clients they can be flexible about the price. Confront them with a better bid you got from a competitor. Check for hidden fees and costs. Many contracts can have a fine print that can drive the final price upwards. Make sure to investigate and read the fine print. Do not rush into a deal that may seem great but end up being too expensive.

Do not give up easily. Be persistent and insist on getting some form of a better deal than initially offered. But do not concentrate on price only, make sure that you hire the best movers you can but try to fit them in your own budget.


Whatever you do, when negotiating, make sure that you have insurance. It is important to keep you and your belongings safe and it will help you go through the relocation easily and stress-free. So, do not negotiate on insurance and make sure that you are covered. Insurance is non-negotiable as it can make your move cost even more if you try to save money on insurance.

Different items on a garage sale.
Make sure you declutter and lighten the load to save money when moving

Save more money

If you want to save even more money on your move consider doing some other preparation. Try to lighten the load and declutter, or make sure to donate, give away, or even sell the items you don’t need or use. Pack by yourself to save money, get your friends to help, and get your moving supplies for free. Also, hire your movers well in advance to make sure to get a better deal. This will your move. 

Negotiating with your movers is not that difficult. You just have to make sure that you have sufficient information. Making smart decisions and negotiating is possible only if you make informed decisions. So, read up on some additional resources on how to negotiate with movers and get some more info if you need to. Don’t be afraid and try to save money on your move by negotiating a better deal. 

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