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How to move with children – tips and advice

Having children is a wonderful experience. It can be quite difficult and demanding but at the same time fulfilling and awarding. Finding a new house that will have all desirable features can be exhausting. Even if you find it, the challenges do not stop there. You will need to explain it to your children that you are moving to a new house. Moving is stressful on its own but adding your children can be too much to handle. However, it does not have to be a terrible experience, but rather the one that will run smoothly. Here is a guide for you on how to move with children.

A good preparation

If you are planning to move, you need to explain it to your children in advance. Moving can be quite stressful for them as they will be leaving their old home. The new house represents something strange and unknown, which can seem intimidating and frightening. It is not easy to leave everything that they know behind. That is why you need to be extremely understanding and patient with your children. If you are remodeling your house, explain it to your children that there are going to be constructions around the house. That means they should be careful when playing around in order to avoid being injured. Another scenario is if you are selling the house. You should prepare your children that there would be strangers walking around the house. It will lessen their fear and you will not have any unpleasant situations.

Reasons to move

You definitely have a good reason to move. Make sure that your children understand why you are moving. They might not like it or even respond too well to it, but in time they might understand it. One of these reasons might be yours.

  • Better job.
  • Better neighborhood.
  • Bigger house.
  • Closer to your job, which reduces the time spent commuting.

Be there for your children

As already said, moving is stressful on its own. Even if you are looking forward to the change of scenario, you are still leaving something behind. During the preparation for the move, you might get upset or nervous and your children will notice it. It is the easiest to send your children off, but it will be better to engage them in the whole process. Give them small tasks of packing their toys or some of their clothes. That way the whole family can participate and it even might reduce the tension in the house. One of the tips on how to move with children would be to ask your children to pick a new house with you. It is important to take your children to see the new house so they can get familiar with it even before the move.

How to move with children - let them help
Helping with packing

The moving day

By now, everything should be packed and ready to go. Again, prepare your children that people from the moving company will come to get the boxes and other furniture. It will prevent any unnecessary issues. Before you actually go, let your children say goodbye to their friends and family in the neighborhood. You should also explain it to your children that they would still see their old friends, just not as often. This will help with their anxiety and fear as they had the opportunity to say goodbye.

Once you hit the road, pay attention to your children as it will be hard for them. You should make frequent stops so they can get some rest and stretch their legs. It will be good for you as well since it is not advisable to drive for more than 3 hours at once. Safety when driving is in the first place on the list of priorities.

Coming to the new house

Once you reach the new house, you will have other things to worry about. Coming to the new house is the last stage, so here are more tips on how to move with children.

Image of a modernly furnished room
Welcome to your new home

It would be ideal if you can set the children’s room first. Especially if you can keep the order in the room as it was before. That way your children will have something familiar in the new house, which can offer them comfort. Additionally, it would be for the best to keep the same routine. That means to have family meals at the same time if circumstances allow. Again, this will seem familiar to your children and it will lessen the level of stress. Unpacking and decorating your new house or a rented apartment can be demanding but try not to forget about your children. You can include them again in the whole process. You get to spend some quality time with your children while doing something productive.

New environment

If you can plan the day of the move, try to have it before the start of the new school year. Your children will have the opportunity to meet new friends before school starts. It will be easier for them if they have someone they know once they start going to school. If you cannot choose the time for moving, then enroll your children to an extracurricular activity. They can start playing some sport or learning a new instrument or a language. While doing those activities, they can have fun learning something new and they can meet other children.

Another solution is to contact the school and ask if they offer a buddy system for the new students. It will make your children feel less lonely in the new environment. Additionally, make sure to inform the teachers that they have new students, so your children will not fall behind.

Three girls sitting on grass slope
New friends helping with the move

Last tips for how to move with children

It is extremely important to stay calm and collected as possible. This is the best advice on how to move with child ren and stay stress-free. The moving will be hard for your children, so be patient with them and explain everything in advance. It will help if they know what is going to happen. If it is possible, include your children in the moving process. Once you reach the new house, try to help them to fit in and to find new friends. It will soothe the transition and lessen the level of stress of the whole family. Soon enough, you can all enjoy together in your new home.

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