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How to make your NYC studio feel bigger

Living in New York City is very expensive, and the biggest reason for that are the enormous rent prices. Because renting is so costly, many New Yorkers decide to live in studio apartments to save money, or they simply cannot afford anything more spacious. However, as you might have already noticed, the main problem with studio apartments is that they lack space. Considering you can not physically increase the size of your apartment, you need to use tricks to make it look bigger. Joel Real Estate will tell you how to make your NYC studio feel bigger. 

Declutter to make your NYC studio feel bigger

The constant real estate trend in New York City is living in small apartments, so you need ways to make your studio look larger. To make your studio more spacious, the first thing you should do is declutter your space. Even though you live in a small place, there are always things that you do not need lying around somewhere. 

The first step in decluttering your Big Apple studio apartment is to write everything down on a to-do list. You can use a notebook or type everything on your phone. The benefit of the phone over the notebook, however, is the fact that you can use pictures. 

When the list is complete, move on to the second step, deciding what is staying and what is out. We recommend you make two piles, the first pile is a keep pile, and the second one is the throwaway pile. You decide what to keep or throw away from your NYC place. But always get rid of duplicates unless you absolutely need two pairs. And if there are things you do not use regularly, you should store them away. Find a reliable storage facility in New York City. You will not go wrong by choosing to give your belongings to NYC Mini Storage or look for storage units closer to you. 

What to do with unwanted stuff from your Big Apple apartment 

Any unwanted stuff you can sell or give away. To save yourself time, think carefully about which one of your items is worth selling. You do not want to spend time on something that will never sell if you can be working on making your apartment cozy. But if you can sell any of your unwanted household items, you can use that money to make your place in the Big Apple feel spacious. 

paper in typewriter that says donations
If you can not sell your unwanted household items, you can always donate them.

Tidy up to maximize the available space

A second way to make your apartment in NYC look and feel spacious is to get everything in order. Getting everything in order in your place in New York City involves two things. 

  • First, you need to clean your studio in the Big Apple. To clean the studio, you will need cleaning equipment. Get yourself a vacuum, cleaning solution, dusters, and old rags, and begin scrubbing and wiping everything down. You should start cleaning your NYC studio from the higher places to the lower ones, finishing the cleaning process by mopping your floors. 
  • Second, tidy up the space to make your NYC studio feel bigger. Tidying up your apartment involves you reorganizing where everything goes and not leaving clothes or cups everywhere. When you have everything in its place, your Big Apple home will feel larger. 
a mop and a wooden floor
To make your NYC studio feel bigger clean it and organize everything.

Repaint your studio in the Big Apple 

The third way to make your apartment feel larger is to repaint the walls. Before you start the painting process, you should cover your furniture, or if you have anything valuable, store it away in a rented storage unit. In this situation, it becomes clear why extra space is always good to have. Besides using it to store your furniture while painting, you can also use it when moving to a new place. 

When you take care of your furniture, move on to painting your Big Apple studio. Now the most crucial part is picking the color for your walls. We believe that in 90% of the cases, white walls will make your studio feel larger. If you are not comfortable with the paintbrush and do not want to make a mess of your place, get professionals to paint your apartment. Besides painting, they can suggest any color combinations to make your studio cozier. 

Bring light in to make your NYC studio feel bigger

A simple trick you can use to make a room feel larger is to have a lot of light. So during the day, we recommend you keep your curtains off the windows. You can also get long curtains because they can make your apartment feel larger. Another way to bring more light into your Big Apple studio is to add large mirrors on the walls. Mirrors reflect light, so having them in your apartment will make it look brighter and open up the whole space. 

a table with a lamp and a vase
White walls with a lot of light coming from the outside will make your studio in the Big Apple feel spacious.

Get creative with your bed 

In most studio apartments the biggest space hog is the bed. And, understandably, we like to sleep in big beds that are soft and we can move around in. After all, we spend a big part of our life sleeping, so why not be as comfortable as we can be. But you do not have to sacrifice comfort to save space. There are many ways to make your bed not take up as much space. One of the biggest space savers is a murphy bed that folds into a closet. In addition, you can raise your bed off the ground and use the bottom as storage. 

You are ready to save space in your NYC studio 

There are plenty of ways you can make your NYC studio feel bigger. So if you were thinking of not coming to the Big Apple because you did not want to live in a small apartment, you do not have to worry about it. Pick one of many neighborhoods of New York City and come here to start a new life.

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