Parents with their children in a car after they have realized how to make long-distance relocation fun for kids.

How to make long-distance relocation fun for your kids

Relocation is not just any change in the life of a family. It is a stressful situation that affects everyone, especially the kids. While even changing a neighborhood in the same city is hard, a long-distance move to a new city, or to a new country, can be really nerve-racking. The old home, family, and friends are far away. Kids have to change school or even their language sometimes. In any case, adapting to a new environment always involves a certain degree of fear and anxiety. But if you manage to make a long-distance relocation fun for your kids, you can relieve some of your and their stress. Here are some tips to make a transition easier.

Let the kids know about the relocation

Tell them that you plan to move as soon as you make that decision. Give them enough time to get used to the idea and to say goodbye to their friends, teachers, etc.  Answer all their questions openly and sincerely. Listen to them and be receptive.

Let your kids participate in planning and decision making

The more they are included in the moving process, the more enthusiastic they will feel. Let them see that the relocation will be fun. Despite your moving stress, try to maintain a positive and cheerful attitude towards change. 

Two school boys talking.
Kids are greatly affected by the moods and attitudes of their parents.

Highlight the positive qualities of the new place

Get informed about the new area, so that you can convey to your children how interesting it can be: activities, places of interest, shops. Since you are moving long-distance it probably won’t be possible for you to visit your future place before you relocate. But you can look for information online so that you and your kids get familiar with a new city or country before the move. Show them their new school, leisure, and sports facilities, nearby mall, or any other attraction that can cheer them up.

Let your kids pack their items

Let them pack their things in boxes and label them. Keep handy the items that your kids appreciate a lot, if possible, so that they know where they are. Make sure that all the kids’ belongings arrive without problem, that their toys and clothes are not lost. Having everything well organized will decrease the stress and help you to settle in easily in your new home and make long-distance relocation fun for your kids.

Involve the kids in decorating the new house

Let your kids participate in decorating your new home, especially their room. They can help you choose and assemble furniture, pictures, posters, painting, accessories, such as the bedspread or cushions.

Make long-distance relocation fun for your kids
Let your kids engage in decorating their space

Take time to explore your new neighborhood with your family

Once the move has taken place, first unpack the essentials to settle in, and go out to visit parks, shops, meet neighbors, and do other fun stuff. Help your children make new friends with neighbors and at school. Enroll your kids in after-school activities in your new neighborhood.

Most experts point out that the best time to move is in the summer, during a school vacation period. Try to maintain your regular routine and schedule and make long-distance relocation fun for your kids. 

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