Moving checklist

How to make an ultimate moving checklist?

Whether you’re moving out of state or moving across the street, there are lots of things to keep track of. The moving process is complicated and requires careful planning in order to be a successful one. Practically, that means you need to put down the tasks into a to-do list. The list can be endless and strictly individual for each residential move. Since there’s so much to keep up with, here’s an ultimate moving checklist that will help you move like a pro.

How to prepare for moving?

You’ve decided to move, and now it’s time to prepare for the big day. On this page, you can find some great tips on how to make your move in day stress-free. You have to start preparing early to avoid trying to finish everything at the last minute. When you’re about to start the process of getting your home ready for a big move, make sure you have your checklist handy. Just work your way through the list, and by the time you’ve checked everything off, you’ll be ready to move!

Clock with deadline
Make your moving checklist on time!

Before the move

  • Get rid of everything you don’t want to be moved.
  • Make a list of people that you are going to notify about your new address.
  • Get packing supplies: boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap.
  • Make sure your items are insured. High-value items will need verified values in advance of a move.
  • Label your items as you pack.
  • Take down and pack all pictures and hanging items.
  • Make sure all loose items and electronics are packed.
  • Remove all fragile items from dressers and desks.
  • Clean out and pack the bathrooms.
  • Remove blankets and linens from beds and pack them up.
  • Pack a bag with a change of clothes and toiletries to keep with you for the first night.
  • Also, you can check out these moving tips that can make your move easy and simple.

Moving checklist

Moving to a new place isn’t just a matter of jumping up, packing a few bags and moving. This process can be quite challenging, even for the most organized individual. Before you set off to a new home, you should plan your relocation weeks in advance. That’s why you should create a moving checklist.

  • Strategy – Use it to organize all your receipts, a moving schedule, a list of things to pack, and any other information you need for your move.
  • Declutter and Donate – Tour every room of your current house and decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity.
  • Packing – Decide, are you going to pack by yourself or are you going to hire a professional?
  • Announce Your Change of Address –You should take a few days off from work. Notify your doctor and dentist about your new location. If you are moving with your kids, get a recommendation for a school or college near your new home. Arrange transfer of school and insurance records. Fill out a change of address form at your local Post Office or online.  Transfer bank accounts, and ask your local credit bureau to transfer your records to your new city.
  • Final Preparations – A week before moving start packing your suitcases. Get everything you need for the road. And make sure that you leave your old house clean.
  • Move! – Make a final check of every room and storage area. Make sure windows and doors are locked, keys are transferred and lights are out.
  • Settle in – Now all you have to do is settle in at your new place.
Moving checklist
Write everything down from the beginning. That includes moving date, packing, transporting, etc.

Moving calendar

Although many moves can be completed in one day, the process as a whole takes much longer. You can create a moving calendar early on to keep everything organized, feel less stress and achieve your goals. You can either use a digital calendar, a day planner or even scrap paper. Start by writing down major tasks and deadlines – you can fill in smaller needs as they arise. This approach lets you get a little done each day, avoiding the stress of trying to finalize everything during the last days before a move.

Moving can be especially overwhelming if you wait until the last minute. You can create the ultimate moving checklist. Keep in mind that these tips are simply suggestions to help you prepare to make your move.

Dates in calendar
Moving calendar helps you to keep track

Movers prep

Be well packed and clearly labeled. Have everything cleared out that is not moving. Movers load boxes first, so staging them in the most accessible room is best.  During loading up, you should close doors on rooms that are completed. So that movers will know to focus on other areas. Direct traffic at the front of the house during the unload, informing the movers where each piece goes. Once you’ve completed all these steps for move prep, you should be all set for a smooth moving experience!

Don’t forget!

Make sure to secure a parking as close to the house or apartment as possible. If there is a difficult area to move things through, having items empty and disassembled can help. Any dressers that have more than 3 rows should be emptied. Drawers can be left in because they take less space as one piece. If it’s possible, get measurements of the rooms and doorways of your new home to make sure large pieces of furniture will fit inside. Be sure your new home is protected by transferring fire, theft and other personal property insurance.

In the end

Give yourself a minimum of two months to deal with the many responsibilities of moving. Start with researching a mover, organization and decluttering as early as possible. Then, move on to confirming your moving date, packing and gathering supplies, and scheduling utility and service transfers or shutoffs with about a month left. In the days before the move, you can take on simpler tasks like making an inventory, cleaning your home and confirming plans with your movers.

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