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How to find a good rental apartment in Las Vegas

Is it time to move to a new place in Las Vegas? If you have never been here or even if you did, looking for a rental apartment in Las Vegas is not always the easiest task. What the know about the real estate market in Nevada, particularly in Las Vegas? How to find a good place for you and what to expect in your price range?

First of all – why do people love living in LV?

What are the pros and why did they choose this city? If you are moving to Nevada here are some real pros you should know about living in Las Vegas.

  • Comparing the costs of living in Las Vegas and other big cities in the USA that are vibrant and popular, Las Vegas has affordable costs of living.
  • There is always something to do. People from all around the world are coming to Las Vegas, Nevada to have fun and to relax a little bit.
  • If you have cold days, rain, or snow, Las Vegas has mild weather.
  • Nevada state has no income taxes.
  • Access to different outdoor activities all year round.
  • LV has 6 airports. If you are traveling a lot, this is an important factor.
  • It is a big city but the traffic is not that bad.

What to know about the real estate market in Las Vegas?

Before hunting for an apartment, you should explore the real estate market in Las Vegas. What are the average prices, what to expect within your budget, and where to look for an apartment?

Las Vegas at night.
Living in Las Vegas has many pros but you should explore the cons, too.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Las Vegas for renters are:

  • Summerlin
  • Centennial Hills
  • West Sahara
  • Downtown
  • West Las Vegas
  • Arts District
  • Rancho Oakey
  • The Section Seven

Where you will live, in which neighborhood mostly depends on the location of your job and your price range. Your real estate agent will tell you some facts about the market here, but you should also explore a little bit by yourself.

  • The real estate in this city is competitive but on the other side, housing is affordable. The average rent per month for a one-bedroom apartment is around $800. A two-bedroom apartment is $1000, and an apartment with 3 bedrooms is $1,300 on average. The costs of renting are one of the first things to consider when looking for a rental apartment in Las Vegas.
  • People in Las Vegas spend on average $150 on utilities (power, water, electricity, and garbage, without internet). The cost of internet per month is $65.

Keep in mind that you will need to pay for moving too, therefore, prepare a budget. Contact a few moving companies from Las Vegas, Nevada, and choose the one that is reliable and experienced. One of those companies can be found on triple7movers.com and other similar official company’s websites.

How to find a rental apartment in Las Vegas?

What are the secrets of finding a perfect apartment for you in Las Vegas? Sometimes the process can be very stressful, but with the right guide, it can be easier. A key is to plan ahead. Here are some simple tips that will help you find a dream home. After choosing the right neighborhood for you in LV, it is time to choose an apartment.

You’ll find your perfect home if you start your search well in advance

Start on time with searching

Usually, it takes about 2 months to find a rental apartment in Las Vegas. Therefore, start 60 days before a moving day and everything will be easier and organized. The best apartments, go earlier in the month and the second and third weekends of the month tend to be the busiest.

Look for listings online

Where to look for rental homes? The first place to “visit” is the internet. Search for rental listings online because 90% of all rental apartments are listed online, for example on Craigslist and Zillow. Also, use apps for finding an apartment as they are very popular among renters and homeowners.

Hire a local real estate broker

Real estate brokers from Las Vegas know this area very well. Find a broker who specializes in rental properties, not in selling/buying properties. Some brokers will find you an apartment free of charge. Talk to a couple of brokers because different agents have different offers.

Stay away from scammers

Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere and you need to open your eyes and not be their victim. If a homeowner asks for a credit card to pay a deposit fee to be shown the apartment, it is a scam, and do not do it. A deposit for showing a house is not a thing. Always research a homeowner before signing a lease.

Consider having a roommate

If you have a limited and small budget, having a roommate can help you with the costs. This way, you can split the rent in half. There are two options. You can rent an apartment and then search for a roommate or first find a roommate that will offer you to live together.

Signing a lease for rental apartment in Las Vegas.
After signing a lease, organize a relocation

How to move in and transport your items to a new home?

What is the safest way to transport all your belongings to a new home that you rented in Las Vegas? Sometimes, people are evicted, so they have to move fast. In this case, if you are in a rush too and need to move immediately, look for last-minute offers from movers. Usually, planning a relocation takes a couple of weeks, in most cases a month or two, but in some situations, people only have a week. 

Moving to your rental apartment in LV can be smooth

And it can be easy if you have professional help by your side. Especially if you are moving long distances. For example from another state to Nevada. Find proper help and have fun while relocating. Also, be organized and start packing on time because it takes most of the time when moving. Ask for help. If you are moving to LV during summertime make sure to drink enough water. And if you are moving to a rental apartment in Las Vegas by yourself, ask your family or close friends to help you out with packing and moving.

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