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How to find a decent real estate agent in New York?

The most exciting part of moving to New York is looking for a new home. If you are planning your relocation, it’s time to hire professionals to help you avoid all the necessary complications. At, you can find reliable moving services in New York City. With many years of experience, your movers will help you pack, secure and transport all of your belongings to the Big Apple. Before your relocation is over, you should have your new home ready for the move in. Who better to help you with the housing search than a real estate agent? Take a look at this short guide and find out more about how to hire a decent real estate agent in New York.

What to look for in a real estate agent in New York?

Look for a pleasant personality

No matter how much experience you have with buying a property, your real estate agent should help you feel good about the housing search. Many people have had a bad experience with real estate agents just because their personalities did not match. If you feel like you can talk in an honest way with the person, it could be the sign that the agent will find what you’re looking for. 

real estate agent in New York
Your real estate agent should be pleasant and honest

A real estate agent’s job is to be polite to his customers. However, the housing search can sometimes be a daunting task. Between balancing your budget and having too many or too few options to discuss, a real estate agent is the one who should help you make a decision. Also, if you are not sure if you want to buy a small apartment or a three-bedroom house, you should be able to get advice from your real estate agent in New York.

Get a background check

Before hiring a real estate agent, you should be able to get his background record and see how much experience he has. In case you have specific demands regarding your future property, the agent you pick should have the necessary experience. Also, you might find a decent realtor but your vision might be different from his. For example, if you are looking to buy a small apartment in NYC, you shouldn’t hire an agent who specializes in multi-millionaire properties.

Pay attention to the information you get

In the end, your communication with a realtor should be the key in making the decision. Pay special attention to the details and the way your realtor talks. If you feel like he is literally reading your mind and getting the idea of what you want, you should definitely consider hiring him.

Where to start searching for a good real estate agent in New York

We all know that the best real estate agents work in prominent real estate agencies. However, you might not be able to pay a small fortune to hire a real estate agent in New York. Instead, you should start searching for online agencies that look promising to you. Many of them will offer you a discount or other on-the-budget benefits. Here are some tips and tricks you can use when looking for a decent real estate agent in New York:

talk to your realtor
Make sure to talk to more than one agent before hiring them
  • Look for a reputable real estate company. The experience of a company should guarantee you a good service.
  • Ask your movers to recommend you a good real estate agent in New York. Moving companies often work closely with real estate agents. Ask your movers from Manhattan if they know somebody they could recommend.
  • Find recommendations and positive feedback online. People can often leave various comments regarding the real estate agent services. Maybe not all of them are true. However, browsing the internet should help you to get a big picture of the real estate company.
  • Look for the types of housings your future agent is specialized in. Don’t be mistaken – if your agent is looking for the most expensive housing in Manhattan and you have a limited budget – you might disagree a lot. Make sure to explain to him the exact type of home you are looking for.

Things to avoid when hiring a real estate agent

Relocation to Manhattan can be a smart move. However, looking for a housing in this neighborhood isn’t something you should take lightly. Most of the properties in New York are not affordable for many. However, if you have the budget and discuss all details with your real estate agent in New York, you might find the perfect solution.

signs of fraud
Beware of signs of a fraudulent real estate agent

Having a good real estate agent in New York doesn’t have to be an impossible task. However, there are some signs that show your agent might not be good, or that he will not be able to find you a perfect home.

  • Avoiding important information. Your real estate agent in New York might act like he found your dream home. However, he could also “forget” to tell you the price. If this happens it could be a waste of your time. Many fraudulent real estate agents expect from their customers to fall in love with the property and then change their mind about the price. Don’t let the agent pressure you and talk about your budget on time.
  • Asking for your money in advance. It’s a known fact that real estate agents should work for a commission, or for a fixed salary their company provides for them. No matter the case, your real estate agent should not ask for any money in advance.
  • Lack of experience – is more common than you think. Many real estate agents start working in this business thinking it’s going to be stress-free. A good real estate agent in New York went to many different situations before he met you. Moreover, he managed to satisfy even the most demanding clients by being patient and honest.

In the end, finding a good real estate agent in New York should be something you have a good feeling about. Make sure to talk to more than one companies and find the agent that suits you the best.

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