A minimalist but lived in room, representing ways to decorate your new apartment.

How to decorate your new apartment and make it feel like home?

Once you buy or rent your own apartment and start living there, you’ll definitely be going through one of the most interesting periods in your life. Having a place to call your own is certainly something to aspire to. But on the other hand, you’ll have to decorate your new apartment after moving in. And making an empty space feel homely and lived in can be a challenge. Which is why we want to tell you about all the ways you can best decorate your new place! Read on below, and enjoy!

Start with a deep clean

When you want to decorate your new apartment and make it feel like home, there are many things you can do to achieve that. But at the essence of it all is one thing – scrubbing away any traces of the previous owners or tenants. Only after that will you truly feel like you’re living in a place of your own. So, how do you go about doing that? For starters – you should definitely have a big cleaning session. Right after you’ve moved into the apartment with the help of a company life Preferred Movers NH; your first move should be to clean absolutely everything.

A vacuum cleaner on a blue carpet.
No matter what kind of decorating you want to do – starting with a deep clean is a good idea!

And if you find cleaning boring, and would much rather dabble in other decorative work; trust us, we’ve been there. No one actually likes cleaning, especially when there are more interesting tasks that you could deal with. However, this is really a necessity. No other work on decorating will mean a thing if you don’t manage to clean everything perfectly beforehand. So, trust us – this should be your first priority. And once you’re done with the cleaning, you’ll be able to move onto actually interesting things in your new apartment.

Take a look at the lighting

So, you want to decorate your new apartment and make it feel like home. And once you’ve finished cleaning everything up; you start looking at ways you can change the place to more suit your tastes and needs. However, you should avoid making one crucial mistake – only looking at the big picture. When it comes to interior design, people often do that. While analyzing a room and considering what they could change; they only look at the centerpieces and similar big concepts. But in reality, a lot of what makes a room what it is comes from tiny details.

A subdued light-bulb fixture.
Make sure your place has enough lighting!

With that in mind, after you’re done with reliable moving companies you can hire in Massachusetts area, and you’ve moved in; explore the tiniest parts of your new apartment’s atmosphere, and see what’s susceptible to change. For example – have you ever entered a room, only to feel that something is simply ‘off’; but you couldn’t place what it was? In most cases, this is actually due to the lighting. So, when you examine your new apartment, pay close attention to the lighting. It can turn a sterile space into an intimate and homely one.

Please the other senses as well

Speaking of the common mistakes that people make; here’s another one you’ll want to avoid while you decorate your new apartment. When people take a look at the hot real estate trends related to interior design, they tend to focus on the look of things. Which is good, but only partially. While it is important for your apartment to look appealing in order for it to feel like home; that’s definitely not the only thing you should think about. When you aim for the best possible aesthetic, it’s not all about a pleasing sight; you need to consider other senses too.

As funny as this may seem – keeping a pleasant scent in your apartment is also crucial. If your goal is to make the apartment feel like a home, try to find a scent that reminds you of home. Or, if you’ve got a scent you particularly like, you can always make that your signature scent with a bunch of candles all around the place. That way, your entire household will have one cohesive vibe, especially when it comes to the aesthetic.

Give it some personality

While you decorate your new apartment in order to make it feel like home; you need to carefully strike a perfect balance. On one hand, you want it to have enough personal items for it to feel homely and personal. But on the other, you need it to still have a minimalist aesthetic that’s not too cluttered with all kinds of stuff. So, for example – use photos of family, friends, and pets as decor, but make sure not to go overboard. And if you tend to be too heavy on the clutter, we recommend packing your extra stuff into storage.

A teddy bear with a camera on a chair.
Feel free to add some quirky decorations to the mix!

Buy quality furniture

Naturally, when you decorate your new apartment, you don’t necessarily have to be decorating a piece of real estate you’ve bought. In many cases, people have to decorate an apartment they’re renting as well. And in such a situation, most opt for buying cheap furniture, that they don’t have to think about the damage. But if you ask us; investing in some quality furniture will help even a rented apartment feel like your own. That way, you won’t constantly feel like you’re living in a hotel while you’re in your new home.

Also, make sure that you’ve got something that provides you with a pop of color in your new apartment. Even if you like black and white minimalist interiors, a few dashes of really bright colors will make sure that you have some visual warmth as well.

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