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How to check out your movers before your moving day comes any closer?

There are many moving companies out there. Unfortunately, not all of them deserve your attention. So, you need to choose the right movers. But moving day is right behind the corner, and you need to know if you’ve made the right choice. So, you should know how to check out your movers before your moving day comes any closer. Knowing that you’ve chosen the reliable moving company will give you the peace and clarity you need to survive the moving day.

Should you check out your movers before your moving day?

You might have a lot to do before your moving day arrives. From organizing everything to packing, maybe you even have to prepare your car for an interstate move. And with all of these things you need to do, you might think that you don’t really need to check out your moving company. But, you should reconsider that decision. Especially if you have any reason to believe that you haven’t really made the right choice. Luckily, it doesn’t take too much time to do this.

Professionalism, experience, flexibility.
It’s important that you find a company with these traits

Check if they’re licensed

It’s important to know if your movers are licensed. But, here’s the tricky part:

  • interstate movers have the US.DOT number and you can find them in the system
  • local movers are regulated by the state, so you should check the state’s regulations

However, when checking out your moving company see if they’re associated with AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) or another prominent association.

Read reviews

Hopefully, you are not the first customer. This means that many other people already hired your movers and have some positive or even negative feedback. This is why you should check out moving reviews before hiring. If there are some negative reviews, it should be a red flag for you. However, know that even these could be fake or insincere, so pay extra attention when reading them.

Compare the estimates

You should never be satisfied with the first estimate you get. Get a couple of estimates from several companies and compare them. If the quote is noticeably more or less expensive than other companies’ quotes, then something might be wrong. And it’s the reason to check if your moving company is reliable. Also, remember the best way to get an estimate is an in-person inspection. This way, the company knows what kind of items you have. But also, try to get a binding estimate. The goal is to get the final bill which is the same as the estimate. You don’t want the company to find some excuse and charge you extra.

Compare the estimates

Trust your instinct

It might seem like everything is all right and there’s no reason to doubt your movers. But, if you’re instinct is telling you otherwise, dig deeper and check out your movers before your moving day comes. If everything turns out to be all right, then you can finally relax and think of something to do while your movers are doing their job. Because, now, you can be sure that they are indeed doing their job.

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