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House market in New Jersey – a closer look at the most affordable places

In a constant search and fight for better living conditions, we are forced to change and adapt. Every new day brings some new changes and new opportunities and it’s up to us to grab them and take advantage of them. Sometimes, life circumstances lead us to change where we are and force us to start something new, somewhere else. If the road leads you to New Jersey, make sure to find the best starting point. Finding a place to live is the most important task so be sure to have a closer look at the most affordable places.

New Jersey is the new beginning

This is a Mid- Atlantic state with numerous resources. Divided into three geographic regions, New Jersey has all that you need. You can live in the sea, or on the river, closer to nature or closer to the megacities. You can experience humid subtropical or continental climates in one state. Having a calm country life or urban life full of excitement is your choice, and you can have it all. The first step is to locate yourself. The House market in New Jersey is like a rolling river nowadays so you have to take a closer look at the most affordable places.

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Take a closer look at the most affordable places

Wherever you go, have in mind that the Van Express Movers can help you to move and to settle on your new address in no time and in the most efficient way possible.

At first, consider your options:

  • Toms River
  • Livingston
  • Pompton Lakes
  • Rockaway
  • Phillipsburg

Toms River

This charming town is located alongside the Atlantic Ocean coast. This is one of the most famous towns among families and retirees. For all those people that enjoy waters and living close to water, but you are not a millionaire, this is the place. It is way affordable. The town is small but it has everything, from waterfront activities to shopping malls and awesome bars. House and apartments are also affordable here. Toms River has one of the best equipped Insectropolis, where you can see and research about all kinds of bugs, spiders, and bees. Grand Ortley beach is a pure sand beach made for relaxing.

Sunsets are the most beautiful around here

Few local craft breweries originate from here and all times good Uncle Dood’s Donuts. Schools here are pretty decent and renowned. An additional benefit of moving to Toms River is the distance from Philadelphia and Ney York which is under two hours driving. When it comes to moving, have in mind that the local movers are always the best option. The prices have a wide range from.$278,700 is the median purchase price and if you decide on another option, $1,337 is the median monthly rent. This town is among the safest in the US.


Livingston is located in Essex County is another safe area in the US. This is one of the state’s highest-income communities. In Livingstone exist Symphony Orchestra, Children’s Theatre of Livingston, and New Jersey Ballet if you are into a classic culture. There are over 470 acres of wooden parks for those that are into hiking and observing nature. Besides, that exist skate park, football fields, and for those that more into soccer there are also soccer fields and teams. Shopping-wise, there are three shopping areas. One is located in the center of town, one in Livingstone Mall, and the last one is on a shopping corridor that goes towards East Hanover on route 10. Both private and public schools are good standing here. If you make a decision to move here, find assistance in the neighborhood for your moving. They have some great services to help you move and settle. If you want to purchase the house, have in mind the price of $450,000. For a rented home, you will have to separate $2,440 for monthly rent.

Pompton Lakes

If you have a closer look at the most affordable places, you will find this town. This is a town for rivers and lake lovers. Not one river, not two rivers, but three rivers go running through it. If this is not enough there is a lot of small lakes and nearby forest for all those who love outdoor relaxing and activities.

Enjoy in the nature beauties

Fishing, hiking, boating is just a peek of the iceberg that is offered here. But do not be fooled, outdoor is not the only thing that Pompton Lakes offer. Lovers of tennis will also find their spot here. Lovers of Escapes room will find out that this town offers one of greatest experiences in that manner. The purchase price for your new home will be around $294,800 and the monthly rent will be around $1,440. The restaurants nearby are just great, and no matter what kind of cuisine you love, you will find something for your taste. The educational system is in really good shape here and public school is among the renowned ones. 


This little town is located in Morris Country. When we say little, we mean it that way. It covers just 2.12 square miles in radius. This small town has it all. If you like small and closed communities, this is the place. Regardless of size, you can find good and reliable crews to help you settle in. There is a national, Historical Park, many different themed escape rooms, The Baroque Orchestra of New Jersey, Mayo Performing Arts Center, AMC Theatre Rockaway, and many more. Elementary schools here are good. There are two for lower grades and there is one for higher grades. Several restaurants here are top-notch. Cafeterias are nice and best fit for a small charter with friends and family. Home prices are lower. You can find a good house that costs around $375,000 and the renting price is around $1,890. The town is safer than most U.S. cities and that is something to consider.


This is a small population town that is a small helpful community. This New Jersey town is located on the Pennsylvania border across Easton. This is an important fact since Easton offers shopping and family-friendly activities and affordable home prices. $140,100 is the median purchase price for a home and the $868 median monthly rent. Phillipsburg lies on a Delaware river and that means only that there is a lot of water. Closes big city is Poconos which is an hour away from driving, and Poconos is the largest town in Warren Country. There are great Delaware river railroad tours. On these tours, you can see the natural beauty of West Jersey. There is a historian Railroad museum. There is a bowling alley where you can with your friends. Besides that, there is a lot of small local restaurants and cafeterias where you can eat and relax.

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You can have your dream house

 Having a closer look at the most affordable places can save you a lot of money and make you find a great place for new beginnings without breaking your piggy bank. You can find a nice place to live in New Jersey which will fulfill all your requirements and desires.

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