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Home staging trends in Hong Kong

It goes without saying that the real estate market in Hong Kong is more than challenging nowadays. People simply want more of everything. And, because of that, the ones who are trying to sell or rent out their property must step up their game. This is when home staging comes into play. Believe it or not, but home staging can improve your odds of renting or selling a property by almost 90%. You can even hire professionals to stage your home for new and potential buyers or renters. Or, if you are on the budget, do not worry, you can stage your home alone and make it stand out in this competitive residential market. Thus, if interested in some home staging trends in Hong Kong, keep on reading.

Depersonalize Everything

Before you let everyone know that you are selling or renting, you must first prepare your home for potential buyers and renters. Begin by depersonalizing your home. Depersonalizing means getting rid of all of your personal things – clothes, photo frames, travel souvenirs, your family’s memorabilia and so on. You can, for example, place all of those items in a storage unit, or into your new place. Simply call a moving agency. Movers prepare your items for the move with care and transport them anywhere you want. Leave your home as depersonalized and downsized as you can. This is an important staging tip as it enables potential buyers or renters to envision themselves in this space. So, if you were looking for some easy and cheap home staging trends in Hong Kong, start from this one.

A vase and figurines on the table.
Remove all personal items from your home and add something neutral to fill in space.

Make Sure Everything is Clean and Clutter-Free

Maybe cleaning and decluttering is not considered to be one of the home staging trends. People simply want to sell or rent out their homes as soon as possible, without having to deal with any additional tasks. But, if you want to win in this competitive real estate market, you must make sure your home is ready prepped for it. As previously mentioned, you should make it look neutral, clean and decluttered in order for your potential buyers or renters to be able to envision themselves living there. So, start with decluttering. Again, call movers like Relosmart Movers Hong Kong and let them store all the unnecessary furniture and home stuff. Then, thoroughly clean everything that is left. Everything should be sparkling clean and looking its best. 

A living room in accordance with the current home staging trends in Hong Kong.
One of the most important home staging trends – make sure your entire home is decluttered and thoroughly cleaned.

Let There Be Light

In Hong Kong, most people struggle with space. It is true. The prices of both renting and buying are higher than the national average, and because of that, most people are forced to live in smaller spaces. Unfortunately, there is no way you can make your home bigger. But there is a way you can make your home seem bigger. Our next home staging trend is the usage of light. Both natural and artificial light can visually make your rooms look bigger. So, invest in proper lighting systems throughout your entire home. Then, remove the shades and all the darkening curtains from your windows. You will soon realize that everything looks better with proper lighting. And, this is definitely something that will attract new buyers or renters, prepare your home for selling, and possibly increase the value of your home. Thus, do not try to cut corners on this one.

Acquire Eco Furniture

The usage of eco-friendly furniture and even natural and organic materials is a big home staging trend, not only in Hong Kong but all over the world. Using eco furniture is no longer boring and dull, but quite the contrary! This recycled furniture will make your home stand out. You will be able to use unique and fun pieces that will bring your home to life. What is more, you will be saving the planet. And, that fact will be appreciated by all the potential buyer or renters. So, go and visit second-hand stores, thrift shops or even antique furniture stores. Trust us, there you will be able to find some great, one-of-a-kind, and stylish pieces of furniture as well as a lot of eco-friendly home stuff. Remember, buy just the essential pieces. Do not over-crowd your rooms. Moreover, make sure that you are picking functional furniture too.

A dining part in a room.
Minimalistic and eco-friendly is the way to go in Hong Kong! Give it a try.

Pay Attention to Details

After you have cleaned and decluttered your home, as well as improved your lighting system and invested in eco furniture it is time for the smallest touch-ups. If you have ever tried selling or renting your home before, you probably know how important details are. Even a lit candle or the smell of cookies can persuade people to buy or rent. Thus, try to make your home look neutral but also inviting and cozy. You can do that by adding extra pillows and throws on the couches, sofas, and beds. Add candles, mirrors, plants, and pictures to some corners too. But, be careful. It is easy to go overboard when trying to make a rental feel like home. Remember, in Hong Kong, it is all about living minimalistic. If you make your home like this, people who visit it will see that it is loved and taken care of. And, that is definitely a home staging tip that will bring people to your door.

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