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Home staging ideas to wow Orlando buyers

Home staging ideas are useful in order to decorate your place so you point out your home’s assets. Home staging’s role is to help buyers imagine themselves living there. If you do it properly, you’ll have no problem selling your home quickly. When you’re selling your home, your goal is to make it look its absolute best for the potential buyers. And this is where home staging comes in.

Home staging ideas and tips

Like we already mentioned home staging is very important. Luckily, many of the best home staging ideas don’t require too much money. Here some of the staging ideas you can use to improve your home decor and sell your place quickly!

home staging ideas for living room
Home staging’s role is to help buyers imagine themselves living there.

Home staging ideas #1 – Clean the entire place

Regular cleaning has nothing on the cleaning you have to do when you’re putting your home on the market. You want every single part of your home to shine, from the floors to the corners of your ceilings and everywhere in between. A perfectly clean home will suggest to buyers that the current owner is taking good care of the property. If you neglect certain tasks, like cleaning your garage or cleaning dust in some places this may result in the loss of a potential buyer.

Home staging ideas #2 – De-personalise the place

Yes, we know this is still your home but home staging’s purpose is for the buyers to imagine themselves living there. You want your place to show its style and charm, but it should be void of anything that suggests this place belongs to someone else, and not the person buying it. You should remove anything too personal such as family photos or random items. Keep your clothes away, and clean bathroom counters. Hide your private belongings such as toothbrushes and cosmetics. While de-personalizing your place might make it a bit awkward to stay in, it is a very useful tactic for buyers to connect with the place. It will also help with selling your home quickly!

home staging ideas for bedroom
You want your place to show its style and charm, but it should still be devoid of personal touches

Home staging ideas #3 – Declutter

If you are selling your home we can only assume that means that you’ll also move. Therefore, decluttering is something that has to be done either way. It is usually when we prepare for the move that we realize we have too many things. You probably have old clothes piled in the closet. Then some of the random items you generally do not use anymore. And, of course, things that are just sitting around. Either way, home staging is perfect timing to declutter. By doing this, you’ll clean your place and get rid of the things you no longer use or need. This will make your packing so much easier. You will also save a lot of packing place by decluttering.

Home staging ideas #4 – Define every room

It is important for the buyer to conclude right away what purpose the room he or she enters has. Also, make sure that every part of the room has its own purpose. This will help buyers see how they can use the space in the room. A basement can, for example, become a home gym or home office, and another room can be transformed into a child playroom or something else. It’s absolutely irrelevant if the buyer wants to change the purpose of a certain room. The most important thing here is for them to see what usable space they have to work with.

Preparing yourself for the move

Now that these home staging ideas worked and you’ve sold your home, it’s time for you to move. Here are some of the tips on how to organize your move and make the entire process stress-free and enjoyable experience.


Assuming you are done with decluttering, the next step is packing. In order to pack properly and avoid mistakes here are some tips. First, make sure to get a lot of boxes or plastic bins. They are the ones protecting your precious items which is why it’s quality and durability are important. Plastic bins are a good choice because they are secure and waterproof. They are also great for home storage after the move. In case you choose boxes, make sure they have good quality. Also, one thing you have to do is to label them! This will make the packing and unpacking process so much easier, and everything will be more organized.

family packing
Packing is one of the most important parts of the entire relocation process.


Organizing a transfer is not easy as it may seem. Besides the cleaning, packing, and organizing you have to do, you also need to prepare and think about the transfer of your items from Orlando. And if it happens to be a long-distance relocation, it requires so much more attention and planning. Our advice is to hire professional movers. If you decide to do so, you should team up with professionals and let them handle this for you. This way, you’ll be able to relax and focus on other things you have to finish before relocating.

Hiring professional movers

Moving is tiring and overwhelming, especially long-distanceThere are too many things you have to think about and do. Since things tend to be chaotic we would suggest hiring a moving company such as ccmover.com. You can count on professionals to guide you through your entire relocation process, saving you time and money, with a custom experience that fits your priorities perfectly.

Moving day

Now that you are done with packing and everything else, the next thing on the list is the actual relocation. You have to plan this day weeks if not months ahead. This will give you more room to control and react if something unexpected happens. You should make a list of things to do and have it ready so you can prepare before the moving day arrives.

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