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Hiring specialty movers in Dallas–Fort Worth

Hiring movers is a must if you want your move to be as stress-free as possible and last as short as possible. But there are certain items your regular movers can’t move. These are called specialty items. These are items that not everybody owns and therefore regular movers aren’t prepared to move these items. Here is where you will find out what these items are and why hiring specialty movers is a must if you own these items. You should never try to move these yourself because you could cause serious damage to your items and to your health. These are mostly big, bulky items that are tough to move.

What exactly are these specialty items?

Not many people know this so we have to talk about it. Specialty items are items that are tough to move because of their size and weight. These aren’t things you can just put inside of a moving truck and call it a day. Specialty items are usually delicate and expensive and that is why regular movers don’t want to handle these items. Some specialty items are:

  • instruments
  • billard tables
  • smart beds
  • very large TVs
  • very large sofas
  • hot tubs
  • lawn mowers
  • golf carts
  • boats
  • cars
  • statues and other art pieces.

These are just some of the items your regular professional movers won’t be able to relocate for you. That is why you need to be hiring specialty movers if you own any of these. If you live in Dallas-Forth Worth, Evolution Moving Company DFW are the people you should call for your specialty item relocation.

Piano and a chair which are some of the items that require hiring specialty movers when relocating.
The piano is a large instrument that is very delicate and tough to move, therefore if you own a piano, you will need to hire specialty movers.

Why hiring specialty movers is a good idea?

There are plenty of reasons why hiring specialty movers is a good idea and why you should do it and we are going to tell you all of them. Even though this is a large expense, this is surely something that you must do if you own these items.

They have the right equipment

Specialty movers have the right equipment for moving your delicate items. You probably don’t own a dolly, or moving straps, or furniture lifters, or any of the moving gadgets that they do. All these gadgets are used to safely transport your bulky instrument, large sofa, boat, or any other specialty items that you have. And if you decide to purchase these, let’s be honest, you won’t use them ever again. They are just going to sit in your garage, basement or attic and take up free space. 

You won’t need those moving gadgets and tools soon, why waste money on them?

Your health is at risk if you don’t hire specialty movers

Because these items are very big, heavy and bulky, there is a chance that you might get injured while trying to move these items by yourself. And getting injured during a moving process is not something you want to happen. You need to stay healthy during this period. And injuries that come from lifting heavy things or dropping them can be very serious and dangerous so this is something that you should take very lightly. You want to have a safe family relocation.

The valuation coverage

If you decide to relocate your specialty items by yourself, all the damage you make you will have to pay yourself. Whereas if you hire specialty movers, if they cause any damage to the items, they will have to pay for the damage. This is called valuation coverage. If you don’t have insurance on these items, it is better to consider hiring specialty movers then to risk having to pay a lot of money for repairing the damages that you made or buying a completely new item because you have broken the one you had. Your billiard table can be relocated in no time with specialty movers, why waste time and energy by doing it yourself?

A calculator.
If you don’t have insurance, you might end up paying much more for damage repairs.


It is much more convenient to spend money on a professional service and not to worry or get injured. This is just common sense. The same way you hire regular movers to move your regular items, you should also hire specialty movers who are going to move your specialty items. This is also going to make your move last much shorter and be less stressful. And isn’t that something everyone wants?

If you decide to relocate specialty items by yourself…

If even after reading all this you still think that relocating your specialty items by yourself is a better idea, we are here to give you some tips on how you can do it the right way. The first thing you need to do is to get the necessary gadgets and supplies. You will need a dolly or a hand truck, furniture lifter, lifting straps, blankets, bubble pack, a lot of tape, etc. You are also going to need tools and bags.

When you are moving these items by yourself, you will certainly have to disassemble them. This is going to make moving them and carrying them much easier. You are also going to reduce the risk of getting hurt by doing this which is always a plus. But, this is something that is going to take a lot of time to do. You are also going to have to be very careful not to lose any of the screws and other small parts after disassembling them. Get someone to help you do this like a friend or a family member. Also, read how to pack fragile items.

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