High-rise apartments

High-rise apartments: pros and cons

Are you moving to a big city and thinking about buying or renting a high-rise apartment?  To help you decide if living in a high-rise is the right choice for you, here are some pros and cons of high-rise apartments you need to know.

High-rise apartments – the pros

  • Great view

The higher the high-rise floor, the better view you will have. Of course, the top floors offer the most panoramic and picturesque views of the city. To be able to enjoy the view, make a smart choice of the windows in your new apartment.

  • Location

High-rise apartment buildings are mostly constructed near or within the city centers in order to save valuable land space. Living in the center has many advantages – you will spend less time on public or private transport, or you can walk to your workplace and to the entertainment venues. Also, you will have very easy access to any part of the city since the public transport lines converge in the center.

  •  Greater security

If you live in a high-rise, you are less likely to be a victim of crime. Most of these buildings have a security system and a doorman, and being part of a large community, you will always be surrounded by neighbors.

  • Recreation areas

By living in a high-rise apartment, you will have access to social areas where you can spend time with your friends and family, meet your neighbors, or have parties. Many high-rise buildings have their own wellness centers with gyms and swimming pools.

High-rise complex sports facilities
Living in high-rise apartments comes with numerous benefits.
  • More lighting

Another reason to live in a high-rise is that you get a lot more natural lighting in your home.  You will also be able to enjoy good ventilation in your home and thus save on electricity bills.

  •  Less street noise

You will be away from the noise of the street, cars or buses. So, if you work from home, you can concentrate and perform better, or you can take a nap without a problem.

View from the rooftop at high-rise apartment buildings.
Living in high-rise apartments means less street noise for you.

The cons you need to be aware of

  • Difficult coexistence

Many high-rise apartment buildings are adequately designed to avoid or reduce noise. However, it is still a disadvantage, something that in a single house will hardly happen. Events like this and many others can occur, and you have to be aware of this when deciding on a community lifestyle.

  • Sense of belonging

If you are buying an apartment, you should check if the neighboring apartments are mostly occupied by owners or tenants. The attention that tenants give to the building and common areas probably will not be the same as the one given by an apartment owner.

  • Limited independence

If you are going to live in a high-rise apartment, be aware that you will have to respect some rules that you might not like. You will probably need a building manager’s permission if you want to fix or change something in your home, or bring over some guests.

  • Problems in the building

You will share the problems that occur in the building, such as pests, floods, or fires with your neighbors since you live under the same roof.

  • Pet policy

If you are bringing your pet with you, check the apartment building rules on pets before you choose your future home.

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