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Guide to selling your home during covid-19 crisis

Life can’t stop because of the coronavirus pandemic – yes, you must keep you and people around you safe, but on the other hand, you should think about the future too. If you want to sell your home, is selling your home during covid-19 pandemic possible and how to sell it?

Tips for selling your home during covid-19

The USA is, unfortunately, the number one country in the world when it comes to the number of infected people with coronavirus. How to prepare a home for selling and how to sell a home during this emergency situation. Home auctions and open homes are banned for now in the USA. So, here is what you (and your real estate agent) should do:

  • Repair what can be repaired right now. Make sure your home is clean and replace broken items.
  • List your home with a sale price. If you can, be open to negotiating if you need to sell your home fast.
  • Be detailed when writing info about your home. Don’t include just the size of the rooms, but give info about floor material, ceiling height, etc. Also, create a detailed floorplan.
  • You can use virtual tours (it is highly recommended) when selling your home during covid-19. Create a video and use all the advantages of today’s technology. Take photos of your house interior and exterior too.
  • Provide enough info about amenities nearby including schools, parks, etc.
  • Are there any noises from a bar or traffic? Potential buyers should know this.
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Selling your home during covid-19 won’t be easy, but you can use virtual staging

Renting a storage unit

Potential buyers want to see a home without your personal items so they can imagine their own items there. So, you should rent a temporary storage unit to keep your household items safe. Also, if you are moving and need a storage unit too, hire a company that can provide you both services – moving and storage such as Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia.


A sign for selling your home during covid-19.
An open house is banned, so be creative! Make videos and take photos to attract more potential buyers

After selling, it is time for moving

You can hire a moving company during the COVID-19 crises but you must practice social distance. And when moving, wear gloves, face mask, wash your hands frequently, and after a moving day, change your clothes. Philadelphia has to offer various moving options, so have professionals to transport all your items. Choose the best company for relocation and stay safe and healthy.

If you need to renovate a property before selling, do it only if it is necessary. Most construction workers won’t work during this period, so you will be able to do only small home improvements.


Selling your home during covid-19 is possible but you will need to take special measures and do it a little bit differently. The internet gives you many advantages, so use it to sell your home faster. But, you should expect a slower process because of this current situation.

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