A home gym you can use as an inspiration when remodeling your home gym.

Guide to remodeling your home gym

Having a home gym is amazing. It truly makes life easier as you don’t actually have to leave your home to do some exercise. You don’t have an excuse not to work out when you have a gym at home. But sometimes, your at-home gym doesn’t make you want to exercise. This is because the surrounding you are exercising in has a lot of impact on the quality of your workout. And if your home gym doesn’t make you want to exercise, remodeling your home gym is a good idea. This way you will both be investing in making your home look better and you will be more motivated to actually use the gym more often than you do now. And if that is exactly what you were thinking about doing, we wrote this helpful guide. We collected some of the best ideas too.

Size matters

One thing is for certain, the size of your home gym matters a lot when you are thinking about remodeling it. If you have a small room that you are using as your home gym, you need to make sure that you use the most of it. If you have a big room for example a basement or an attic, space probably isn’t the problem. Have in mind that it is always better to have a bigger room as your gym. So, if you are currently using a small room, think about whether expanding it is an option or possibly switch your home gym with another larger room in your home. If you can’t do this, maybe investing money in a second home that is bigger is an option. Having a larger at-home gym is important if you are hiring an at-home personal trainer. Dubai Personal Trainers is a Dubai-based company where you can find good personal trainers if you live in the UAE.

A woman doing a plank in her home gym.
Make sure that your gym isn’t too small.

Colors and decoration

Just putting some exercising equipment in an empty room and calling it a gym won’t do much for your motivation. You want this room to actually feel like a small gym. White walls are great and they look amazing but keeping them plain isn’t a good thing to do. If you want to make your home gym look a little bit better, paint your walls another color. You don’t have to paint all the walls. You can paint just one a fun color. This will add something extra and make your gym look a lot better than it looks now. Colors such as yellow and red are a good idea. These colors will add some brightness and they also help boost motivation.

When it comes to the decoration of your gym, you should find it important. If you’ve ever been to a real gym before, you have probably noticed that there are usually some motivational quotes to be found on walls or just pictures of really fir people. This isn’t for nothing. This is used to motivate you and to make you not quit. And it is exactly what you should have in your at-home gym. So, when remodeling your home gym, make sure you also search the web and find some inspirational and motivating quotes that you are going to frame and place on the fun-colored wall.

Colorful gym with some gym equipment.
Incorporate some colors into your home gym.


Another very important thing is lighting. If your home gym doesn’t have proper lighting, you will most likely be slacking while working out. Dimmed light and dark rooms make you more relaxed and sleepy. If you used to have this type of lighting in your home gym, now you know why when you find a cardio workout you can do at home you can’t actually do them at home. Your lighting was sabotaging you. If possible, try to make your home gym have plenty of natural lighting coming in. If you don’t already have a lot of windows, make sure you incorporate some when remodeling your home gym.

And if your home gym is located in the basement and there is no way for you to have more windows, you need to make sure that you install good lighting. Make sure that the lightbulbs are white. Having yellow lighting in your gym won’t make it look like a nice gym, let’s be honest.

A woman exercising in her home gym.
Make sure that your gym is well lit.

Have proper and essential equipment

Once you make the room of your home gym look nice, you need to get the proper and essential equipment. Having everything you need also makes you more motivated to workout. The equipment you need depends on the goals you have and the things you want to achieve while working out. But there are a few things that you must have no matter what your goals are.

You most definitely need a yoga mat. This is where you will do the stretching and probably some exercises. Get good-quality yoga mats so you don’t hurt yourself on the hard floor. You are also going to need some weights. Have a couple of them of different weights. You also need some stretchy bands, jumping rope, and a yoga ball. All these things will come in handy at one point and you will most definitely use them.

If you want to lose weight, having a treadmill in your home is a must. Running is the fastest way of losing weight. Having an upright bike is also a great idea as well as having a stair mill. This is exactly why having a large room as your home gym is important. None of these things can fit into a small room. If possible, choose the right home builder who is going to make you an extra room or two.

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