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Guide to how to decorate your rented apartment

If you have recently moved to a rented apartment, then you came to the right place. Even if you live in your rented apartment for some time already you can still decorate it the way you want it. You probably have some blockage in your mind that if you live in a rented apartment you shouldn’t decorate it because maybe soon you will move elsewhere. However, this is not how you should think. When you live in a rented apartment you should behave as you own it.

Decorate your rented apartment the way you like it
    You should create a safe haven for yourself

Making that apartment as your own is your right as a tenant. You are paying for that apartment, therefore, decorate your rented apartment in a way that feels like home. Here you will find some tips and tricks on how to make that happen. Even if you are thinking about buying a property, you can find some great advice right here on how to decorate it, so stay tuned.

Decorate your rented apartment to feel like home

When you move in, the first thing that you should do is deep cleaning of the apartment. You never know who live there before you did, therefore clean as you never cleaned before. Change the toilet seat, clean the floors, use a variety of cleaning products to make your apartment spotless. Now, that your new place is clean we can talk about decorating it. If you want to decorate your rented apartment in a way that you will like it, and that you will feel comfortable in, there is no way that you should stop yourself just because it is rented.

As mentioned before you are paying for that apartment and you should have to have the liberty to make it your own. Make it warmer. This being said, what is also important at the end of the day is for you to consult with your landlord on do’s and don’ts in the apartment. Do not be scared, there is a small number of landlords in the world who don’t like a free apartment painting or similar.


When you decorate a new apartment, there will be some shopping to do. Some of you get this as a happy news some of you are rolling their eyes now. Either way, when we say shopping it is all about buying some little things. Something like new cover for your sofa, or a new photo frame. You can find these things very cheap. However, there is a solution if you do not want to spend any money on your decoration, and that is DIY. The important thing is not to stress out while moving to your new place, there is enough time for you to decorate your rented apartment.

Do it yourself

Nowadays there are so many DIY tutorials to even count. When you want to decorate your rented apartment, these tutorials are more than welcome. Without spending any money, or spending a minimum, there are ways for your home to look perfect and just the way you like it. Simple jars can be one of the examples. Get some:

  • Scissors
  • Sticky notes or normal piece of paper
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • A marker

While reading what you need, you probably already have an idea what will you do with this material. You can make beautiful jars and use them for coffee, sugar, spices, etc. By making your jars looking prettier your kitchen will look prettier.

Living room

When decorating your living room, the main part would be covers for your couch, some nice curtains, and a colorful carpet. You should choose some live colors for these items, depending on your taste of course. Maybe you like it all white and minimalistic, in which case you will choose some lighter colors. The point is that colors mean a lot, almost everything.

Beautifully decorated living room
            The living room is the soul of the apartment

Therefore, choose them wisely. Once you finish with larger things you can dedicate yourself to the frames on the wall and figurines that should take place on the top of your shelves. All these little details mean so much for the living room. What can be really comfy especially in the winter days is a big chair for you to put it next to a window. Just imagine, you reading a book and drinking hot coffee or tea, in a blanket, while it’s snowing outside. Picture perfect, right?


The most important thing about the bathroom is cleanliness. No matter how pretty you make it look if it is not clean everything is useless. As we mentioned before, change the toilet seat, do not clean it. Just change it, it is not expensive and you will spare yourself from cleaning. It is a win-win situation. Once you have cleaned the bathroom thoroughly then you can think about the decoration. There are some things that you can do to make your bathroom as beautiful as possible. Have some colorful towels, get a shower cabin curtain with some fun pattern. Get some dried flowers, potpourri, and put it in some cute glassed bowl. It will look nice, and it will smell even nicer. Make sure to keep your cleaning products in a cabinet because they are not quite nice to look at.

Vintage bathroom
 What is most important about the bathroom is to be clean

When you want to decorate your rented apartment, you should gather a lot of tips and tricks from the internet, friends, family, etc. It is important to stay safe while moving and decorating, so be careful when doing something from DIY tutorials. Enjoy your rental apartment as much as possible, do not let the fact that you don’t own that apartment stop you from making it the apartment from your dreams. You should feel comfortable and enjoyed it. Have fun while decorating and make sure to pick up some good and useful advice and ideas from anywhere you go for a visit.

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