Apartment buildings where you can find an apartment for rent in Jeddah.

Guide to finding a perfect apartment for rent in Jeddah

Jeddah is an amazing city in Saudi Arabia where a lot of people from North America and Europe move to. There are plenty of reasons to move to Jeddah and we want to tell you all about them some other time. But we are here to tell you just how finding a perfect apartment for rent in Jeddah is possible. Not everyone knows how to search for a new home. Especially when we are talking about searching for a new home in a different country on a different continent. So, if you are thinking or are planning on moving to Jeddah, these tips will help you with finding the perfect apartment for rent that you will proudly call your new home.

Know what you want and need

Let’s start with the basics. You have to know exactly what are the things that you want and need your new apartment to be. If you are moving with a family, you need a bigger apartment with a lot of storage space and possibly two restrooms. You might be moving alone which probably means you want a small apartment in the city center. You might want to live in a luxurious penthouse. There are dozens of apartments and types of apartments to choose from when searching for a new one to rent in Jeddah.

The best way to figure out the things that you want and need your new home to be is to write everything down. Have every detail you could think of written down and search for an apartment that covers most of your wants and needs. But have in mind that you will have to settle for less or more than you are searching for. This is because it is almost impossible to find an apartment that covers everything on your list. It is either going to have more than you asked for, which is great, or less, which is not so great. Luckily, storing belongings in the process of settling in is possible if you end up not having enough storing space.

A person writing something down on a piece of paper.
Have everything planned and figured out in advance.

Know what you can afford

Once you figure out what you need and want, you have to consider that it might not be what you can afford. That is why having a budget planned in advance is the best thing to do. A planned budget will help you manage your spending and your finances overall. But how exactly do you create a budget? First, write down how much you are earning monthly or how much you will be earning once you move to Jeddah with Four Winds Saudi Arabia. Supposing you have a couple more months ahead of you, you have time to save some money on the side. Make sure that in the following few months you only purchase what you really need. This way your budget for a new apartment is going to be bigger.

A broken piggy bank and a lot of coins..
Save money if you want to be more secure financially.

If you already have any savings, make sure you calculate that into your budget as well. Have in mind that your budget has to cover all the bills and other amenities. And Jeddah isn’t an overly expensive city to live in. The average rent price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs $360, and outside $250. Compared to the US prices, this is a very small amount of money. But the earning are lower in Jeddah than they are in the US. Renting a house costs double the price of renting an apartment.

Search online

The only way to search for an apartment to rent in Jeddah yourself from another country is to search online. And searching for an apartment online can be both great and it can go badly. It is a good way to look for apartments as you can see what the apartment looks like on pictures, where it is located, details about bills and rent, etc. But you can’t be certain that the apartment looks in person the way it looks on the images you see on apps for finding apartments to rent. A lot of people hire professional photographers who know how to take professional pictures that make an apartment look amazing. They sometimes use advanced home staging hacks to trick you. And in reality, it might not look as amazing.

A woman using a computer.
You can find your new apartment in Jeddah online.

And the worst possible case scenario is to arrive at your new home and be disappointed about how it looks. This means that you might decide to look for another apartment that is better which means moving again. And moving frequently is not something you want to do. This is why the next method that we’re going to propose to you might be a far better option. And if moving frequently doesn’t bother you, you probably know how to move into your new place hassle-free and we do too – with the help of a moving company.

Hire a real estate agent

You can hire a Jeddah-based real estate agent who is going to help you find the apartment. More precisely, the agent will find the apartment for you. This means that all you have to do is figure out what you want, need, and can afford and the agent will do all the searching and checking. This means that your only task is going to be making the final decision on which apartment you are going to rent. The agent also might have some tricks up his sleeves that you don’t and he just might manage to find the perfect apartment for you. Hiring a real estate agents means that you will be able to focus more on organizing your long-distance relocation.

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