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Guide to astonishing home styles in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

You have moved to Dammam and bought a home. Now comes the enjoyable part when you have to design your home. But you do not want your apartment or house to stick out compared to other places in Dammam. We at Joel Real Estate are here to help you design your Dammam home. Follow our guide to astonishing home styles in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 

What home styles in Dammam should you choose?

Before we get into designing each part of your new place, which we hope you made a reasonable offer on, we will talk about two home styles. 

  • One of the home styles in Dammam to use is the traditional Middle Eastern house design. The classic Middle Eastern house design gives warmth to your home with vibrant colors and traditional furniture. 
  • The second style you should use is the modern Middle Eastern house design. The modern Middle Eastern design lacks the warmth of the classic Middle Eastern design but focuses on minimalism. Accurately minimalism in combination with traditional Middle Eastern style. 

We will explain how to use each style in every part of your home. And if you need anything shipped to Dammam to design your home, get all you need easily with local Dammam cargo transports. They have the experience and can provide you with logistic services to ensure everything comes to your home in Dammam intact. 

Home styles in Dammam for the outside of your home

Let’s first see what the outside of your home should look like if you follow the previously mentioned styles. 

To make the outside of your home have a classic Middle Eastern vibe, the guide to astonishing home styles in Dammam recommends you have an open courtyard that leads to the entrance. The door should be brown wood since warm colors are essential to this style. The exterior of your home should be painted in a neutral color, generally white. The white paint on your exterior walls should make the door more inviting to your guests. 

a white building
Presented in the guide to astonishing home styles in Dammam is the traditional Middle Eastern which uses neutral color on the facade of a home.

The modern Middle Eastern design combines the old and the new. The inspiration for the new elements comes from western influences. Modern Middle Eastern design says goodbye to courtyards and replaces them with green grass. The doors are no longer made only of wood but use modern materials like glass. The color of the exterior walls remained the same, relying on neutral colors but combining them to give a modern aesthetic. The windows are a big difference in contemporary Middle Eastern house design. They had to cover windows and make them small to protect them from the light. But since heat is no longer the problem, the modern Middle Eastern design embraced the sunshine while still keeping the iconic arches on windows. 

Guide to astonishing home styles in Dammam for your interior 

Now that you know how to design the outside of your Dammam home. Let’s move on to the inside of your Dammam home. In the next part of the article, we will tell you how to design every room in your home. 

Your living room in Dammam 

To achieve the classic design look in your Dammam living room, paint your wall in a traditional Middle Eastern pattern. The most popular colors are orange, red, and gold, a staple of your classic Middle Eastern look. Use these colors in your furniture to create a warm and inviting vibe in your living room. If you need any furniture delivered to you, Four Winds KSA can do it for you. They are local Saudi Arabia movers who know Dammam well and will get any items to you fast. Two significant elements of the traditional design are carpets and curtains. Get curtains to match your furniture and wall, while the rugs should have Middle Eastern embroidery on them. 

The modern design says goodbye to carpets, curtains, and warm colors for neutral color and simplicity. The interior of the house matches the outside in modern Arabic design. Your wall is of neutral blue, gray, white colors. There are no carpets or curtains because they overcrowd the room. And the placement of the furniture is well thought out for maximum comfort. What makes the style of the modern home inviting is the simplicity and the presence of light. The aspects of the traditional design are present in contemporary design but are not the focus. 

a beige 3 seat sofa
Modern design uses more tone-down colors with modern furniture design in your living room.

The bedroom in Dammam

The traditional Middle Eastern design follows the same ideas as the living room. There are warm colors on the walls, traditional rug, bedding, and pillows with classic needlework. 

And the modern design of the bedroom follows the same pattern as the living room. But there are traditional aspects present. For instance, you can find bedding with traditional embroidery but in neutral colors. The same goes for the carpets and curtains. 

The kitchen in Dammam 

The traditional kitchen design focus on traditional Middle Eastern patterns. The classic patterns cover the kitchen except for the kitchen elements. And as with the living room and bedroom, the kitchen tiles are red, orange, or golden, so they match.

The modern design for a kitchen is simple tiles with no patterns accompanied by marble. The kitchen furniture has a modern design and does not overcrowd the room. 

The bathroom in Dammam 

The final room we will talk about is the bathroom. The most significant aspect of what the bathroom looks like is the tiles. In the traditional design, there are tiles with classic patterns. On the other hand, the modern design goes for single-colored tiles with no patterns. 

A graphic representation of the tiles in the guide to astonishing home styles in Dammam
The tiles are the best way to set your traditional bathroom design from others.


As suggested by our guide to astonishing home styles in Dammam, there are plenty of those to decorate your home. We have to tell you about two. One embraces the Middle Eastern vibe to the fullest, while the other uses it less, more like a homage to the past. Pick the one that best suits you and if you have any more questions about home design, contact us! Good luck!

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