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Guide to aging in place in Spring, TX

Before we start with our guide to aging in place in Spring we need to talk a little bit more about the whole concept of gaining in place. If you check out the definition you will encounter this sentence “aging in place is the ability to live in your own home (and community) independently, safely, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or your ability level.” But is that a good idea? According to an AARP study, most seniors actually prefer it this way. In fact, about 80% of Texas seniors are gaining in place. New Yorkers on the other hand like to retire somewhere else like Florida. But that is pretty understandable especially if they live in a city like NYC. It can be too much for seniors to handle. Luckily Texas is a more relaxed state and has many amazing cities like Spring for example.

Your first step

Ok, so you decided that aging in place in Spring is the best idea for you. We agree completely. This place has so much to offer no matter if you are staying in your own home or you are buying a new one. But there are things you need to do in order to prepare your home for your senior years. Making your home, apartment, or townhouse easy to navigate is a good beginning step.

Reduce the likelihood of injury or falling at home by performing a safety check. AARP has compiled a list of simple upgrades that can be made to increase the security of your home so make sure to check it out after reading this. Features like these make it easier for those with mobility issues to get around their homes safely and independently. So, safety first and now we can continue. After you are all done you should research some senior-friendly home features.

Now is a perfect time to declutter your home

Over the years we collect way too much stuff. Some items we don’t use, some are broken and we keep forgetting to get rid of them. Now is a perfect time to completely and fully declutter your home. It will be easy to keep the home in order later if you do it now. You can even store some things you no longer use in storage so you get extra room. If you decide to do it, make sure to call State to State Move to help you out with moving heavy items.

A woman cleaning a window
If you can’t do it on your own, there are people who can help you. Many moving companies also have cleaning services and junk removal services.

Making more plans

Many seniors decide to stop driving. Most of them do it because their vision becomes compromised but there are many reasons for a decision like this. If you are one of them you will need to make plans for transportation in the future. You can move around the town easily without driving your car. Self-driving is just one of several possibilities for getting about your neighborhood and city. Find out what modes of public transit are available to you, see if any of your friends or family can give you a ride, and get to know the local taxi firms and ride-sharing services like Lyft. Also, research all housing solutions for seniors in the area. Just in case.

Making a plan for care is a smart thing to do in advance

It is important to have some sort of plan in place for those who will be present to provide care in the event that you need it at home, in addition to making financial preparations. There are many programs in Spring that can be of help now. You can even engage professionals to help you.  In the event of an emergency or if you simply feel like you could use some assistance around the house, signing up now will give you the assurance that you’ll know exactly who to contact. If you change your mind and decide to move later to a senior home or a village you can always call movers. Don’t do it alone – call professionals to help you.

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You might not need any help right now, but the day is slowly approaching and you need to make plans for the day when you will be needing a helping hand.

Consider insurance

Healthcare requirements change with age. Even those of us who choose to live in place will eventually require some kind of long-term assistance. That day might be in many years but it’s still coming for us all.  Long-term home care is not currently covered by Medicare, so exploring alternatives. Insurance like long-term insurance can make a significant impact when it comes time to think about hiring a caregiver on a short- or long-term basis at home by helping to cover costs that conventional health insurance and Medicare do not.

Technology can be your friend now

If you want to keep in touch with people all over the world, you don’t have to learn how to code. Learning how to use your mobile or digital tablet’s texting and screen-sharing applications will help you stay in touch even when you’re not at work or out in the field. Moreover, you’ll be able to take advantage of services like on-demand grocery delivery and cab hailing, as well as learn about local events and news.

Three elderly women using the phone to do research about aging in place in Spring, TX
Learning to use your smartphone can make your life so much easier.

Last but not least piece of advice we have for you when it comes to aging in place in Spring

Maintaining your fitness level is essential if you want to extend the time you can spend living on your own at home. Avoiding potentially fatal diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and depression can be as simple as keeping up a heart-healthy lifestyle of balanced eating, frequent exercise, and stress reduction. This is the best advice we have on aging in place in Spring. Don’t worry, you will do just fine and you chose the perfect place to age in place. All you need to do is follow the guidelines we showed you and you will be prepared wee enough.

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