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Guide for Hong Kong apartment renters

Moving can be really stressful and chaotic. Especially if you’re relocating far away from home. Which is the case with moving to Hong Kong. But if you organize well and inform yourself about the country you’re going to, moving stress can be out of the picture. Especially if you find a place to live in advance. Although the city is a bit expensive, it is not impossible to find a comfortable and accessible apartment. That’s why we jumped in with some extra information if you’re planning on going to Hong Kong. Here it is, our guide for Hong Kong apartment renters.

Welcome to Hong Kong!

this Pearl of the Orient has a lot to offer. Located on the Pearl River Delta, with Macau to the west and the Chinese province of Guangdong to the north. This urban town, and its center, are more tightly packed than Manhattan. But! Surrounded by mountains and hills on the east and west. Hemmed in by the South China Sea. It really does offer amazing landscapes and views.

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Go through our guide if you have any questions

Its center has little available land to build, which explains the most expensive housing market, the seventh year in a row. But if you follow our guide for Hong Kong apartment renters, you’ll be able to find yourself a perfect spot. And when you do, movers from will help you with everything.

Guide for Hong Kong apartment renters

If you are relocating to Hong Kong, you may feel that you have a bigger challenge on your hands because the location is very expensive. And it’s true. Finding an apartment in Hong Kong can be time-consuming and expensive. Mainly because you don’t know what and where to look for. But that’s why we’re here. Read on to get the impression on how to use the most of what the city offers, but with not so much money.

Choose the right neighborhood

Choosing the right location means a lot. Especially if you’re moving on a budget. But don’t worry. Hong Kong is considered to be one of the safest cities, so whichever location you choose, you won’t regret it. Now, there are three neighborhoods to choose from: Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and the New Territories. These are the things that’ll have the most impact on choosing the right one:

  • your budget
  • are you single or married
  • whether you have pets
  • do you have children and if they go to school
  • how big is your family

Need help moving in?

If you’re moving far away, it can be even more stressful when it comes to packing and transferring your things. Luckily for you, Hong Kong is home to a lot of moving companies. That means that you can easily and carefree turn to crews in the neighborhood in terms of helping you with your stuff. Once you find a place that suits your needs best.

Provide all the necessary documentation in advance

There are some documents that your Hong Kong landlord or manager will most certainly ask for before making a deal: a passport copy, a Hong Kong ID if you own one, an employment contract, a valid working permit, and a bank account. Prepare them on time. But, there is one thing that you need to ask from a landlord, and it’s very important.

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Your budget dictates your location

If the place is under the mortgage, ask your landlord to show you a copy of the bank’s written consent. This is very important because if the landlord doesn’t have it, according to estate law in HK, the bank has the right to ask you to leave immediately.

Tenancy period

A minimum tenancy period is not determined by law. However, most landlords prefer tenants who rent their apartments for 2 years or more. In general, a standard tenancy agreement is a two-year lease with a break clause after one year. And the landlords usually require a two months’ termination notice. The lease can be on the name of the company you work for or your personal lease in your own name. But, it’s still manageable to find a place with more flexible terms and for a shorter period of time. This is a very popular option among ex-pats and thus a part of our guide for Hong Kong apartment renters.

Costs of renting in Hong Kong

The minimum monthly rent in Hong Kong is around HK$ 5,000. But, if you want something ”nice”, a studio or a room, the starting point is around HK$ 10,000. As for the one-bedroom apartments, the minimum rent is around HK$ 15,000. And that’s if you’re willing to give up the closeness to the city center. If you want a one-bedroom apartment, with more space and closer to the city, be ready to single out between HK$ 20,000 and HK$ 30,000.

In addition to the rent, you will also have to pay a security deposit worth the three-month rent and property maintenance fee. And you may also have to pay government taxes which are around 5% of the annual rent.

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You can transport your vehicle door to door

Vehicle delivery

When you’re moving long-distance, as it is in this case, driving your car to your new home is not an option. But don’t worry! With the right company, vehicle delivery is not an issue. These companies are qualified in this area and will move your car super easily and without damage. They even do it ’’door to door’’ which means that you don’t have to do absolutely anything. And your four-wheeled friend will come safe and unscratched.

Why is living in Hong Kong a great idea?

There are many answers to this question. The quality of life is great. The food is beyond excellent. It’s easy to move around thanks to the great public transport system. There are a lot of different cultures and nationalities, so you won’t have problems adapting once you come. So, the only thing you need to do is to find a place for yourself in the big city. And after reading our guide for Hong Kong apartment renters, even that won’t be an issue. Hope you enjoyed reading it, and we hope that we helped you in any way!

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