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Five amenities luxury homebuyers are looking for

Do you ever wonder what amenities luxury homebuyers are looking for? It’s so exciting to buy a luxury house or an apartment. A whole different experience. You can search for everything you ever dreamed of and if it’s not there, simply add it. But there are some common amenities that most luxury homes have.

A home gym – one of the amenities luxury homebuyers are looking for

But not the one with just a treadmill in the spare room, luxury homes sometimes have those fancy gyms with all the best machines in order to work out just like you are in the real gym. Sometimes even combined with a small sauna. Having a home gym can be great and very good for you. Not to mention fancy.

Gym facilities home gyms are some of the amenities luxury homebuyers are looking for
Exercising is very healthy and having a gym of your own in your luxury home can be also practical.

If you are looking for a pool

This is a very common thing to have in a luxury home. People enjoy having a pool of their own. Some people have an open pool in the backyard and use it only during hot days which is great, but you can have a heated and covered indoor pool and use it all year long. The experience is not the same so think about what you prefer. Adding a pool can actually add value to your home.


Having a whole room as a library can look amazing, and that can be your peaceful place in the house. Some like to incorporate cigar room with it. Whatever you do it will surely be amazing, and just think about all the fun you will have choosing new books for your big new library. Just don’t forget the comfy armchairs so you can enjoy them fully.

Walk-in closets

Many people are looking for big walk-in closets to have in their luxury home so this is a very common thing. The bigger the better. Combine it with huge mirrors and great lights and your clothes, shoes, and bags can look as good as they once did in the display of the store. People invest a lot of money in great walk-in closets and find that this is a very important feature every luxury home should have.

walk in closet
It’s a dream come true for many people to have an amazing walk-in closet that’s more than just a place to store your clothes.


Having a room dedicated to adult fun like drinking can be very nice even if you are not that fond of drinking alcohol often. Owning a lot of drinks, fancy bottles and amazing glassware can be thrilling, and especially older generations appreciate this feature in a luxury home. This can be the best place to hang out with your friends and maybe even try some new recipes for cocktails.

Other great things you can find in luxury homes

Here is a list of some amenities that can be found in many luxury homes :

  • gourmet kitchens
  • open floor plans
  • bar
  • tennis court
  • game room
  • theater room
  • spa
  • basketball court

Those are just some of the luxury things you can have in your fancy home. But it’s best to think about what you need and want and ask for those.

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