The view at one of the best Manhattan Beach locations

Explore the best Manhattan Beach locations for your new home

Manhattan Beach is a dream location for so many people around the world – not just California. In fact, the real question is who doesn’t want to live here? One piece of advice we have for you before we start showing you the best Manhattan Beach locations is to hire a local realtor. It’s getting harder and harder to find a home in this area because it’s so popular. You will need someone by your side to help you out. Now, let’s see what we have.

Hill Section

We wanted to start with Hill Section because showed us a few great homes available there right now. Homebuyers are looking at this place right now and researching it, so hurry up. Unfortunately, not many people can afford to live in Hill Section. It’s a privilege enjoyed by a selected few to call the Hill Area of Manhattan Beach home. Imagine mansions with expansive lawns and windowed rooms. The Hill District is renowned for its breathtaking panoramas, huge lots, and broad streets.

A woman at one of the best Manhattan Beach locations.
Maybe we started with this one because it was our favorite. You should research all of the places equally because all of them are amazing.

El Porto

Do you enjoy surfing? Those who choose to call El Porto home get to enjoy the pinnacle of beach and surf living. El Porto is also known as North Manhattan. This is a popular destination for surfers and beachgoers since it is located directly next to a state park that contains some of the best and wildest waves in the South Bay. This destination is especially popular among hipsters. Just like Brooklyn (NYC) was once.

The obvious one – The Strand

Having a home on Manhattan Beach’s The Strand is like sitting in the front row of a theater. This location has the best view. However, if you value your own space and need to be away from people, that may not be the best option. ” The Strand” name is given to the street directly adjacent to the beach and is also commonly used to refer to the entire stretch of land between the ocean and the first row of residences. This can be the perfect place to start over and change everything you always wanted but never had the motivation to.

Sand Section

Those lucky enough to call the Sand Section home can enjoy a perpetual vacation experience. Homeowners here will tell you that every weekend is like a trip to the beach. That’s thanks to the picturesque scenery of sweeping beaches, foaming surf, and pastel sunsets. This is the perfect location for artists. You will feel very inspired here. On the other hand, one thing that is not inspiring is relocation. Even to the most amazing destination like this one. Relocations are tiring and stressful. Unless you find reliable movers like Then everything will be much easier.

Tree Section

The Tree District is comprised of charming residential areas that retain a hometown atmosphere. The residences have backyards and the streets are lined with trees. The housing here is less concentrated (if compared to the above-mentioned Sand Section) but more spread out than in East Manhattan.

The trees and the sky seen from the land
This area unlike the one you are about to see has a very adorable name.

The one with the bad name – Martyrs

We know. The name sounds awful but this is, in fact, one of the best locations in Manhattan Beach and you should definitely research it. The southernmost portion of the Tree Section, nearest to Downtown, is known by residents as “Martyrs,” after the Catholic Church called American Martyrs. Compared to the Tree Section, the homes here tend to be larger and more expensive.

For families, East Manhattan is the best

According to families living here, this is the best location if you are raising kids. You can find the most kid-friendly amenities in this area. Families that want a little extra breathing room between themselves and their neighbors will love East Manhattan Beach. Larger lots with more generous setbacks can be found in this neighborhood, such as excellent public schools and gorgeous parks with cutting-edge playground equipment. If you are moving with kids you will need some help. We are talking about movers obviously. They can help you to settle in hassle-free. Luckily there are so many reliable movers in this area.

A wet dog at the beach.
This is also a great destination for pet owners. You will find many good dog parks in the area.

Downtown is the most popular location here in Manhattan Beach

It’s easy to see why downtown Manhattan Beach is such a draw. There’s just the right amount of activity to keep things interesting, without making you feel like you’re in the middle of a major metropolis. The nightlife in this area of the city is unparalleled. Because of this, there are a lot of young individuals interested in relocating here. For the same reason, this is an excellent place for recent graduates to settle down, as there are plenty of job openings in the region. In fact, this is one of the most attractive destinations in the whole of California amongst young homebuyers.

Choosing a place to live

We understand that we made it much harder for you. All of these places sound amazing. That’s because they are. Luckily we told you which ones families prefer and which ones are perfect for artists or young professionals. That will point you in the right direction. Now you will need to continue your research but no matter which location you chose you will live in an amazing neighborhood.  One tip we have for you is that you start asking around as soon as possible. Locals can really be of help. Realtors will also have some good advice. After all, they are locals as well. Ultimately the decision is yours so you will talk to your family members and friends and you will choose the best place in Manhattan Beach for you.  That’s all from us. Good luck!

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