A house for sale you can see during your house hunting in Bellevue

Everything you need to know about house hunting in Bellevue, WA

Part of the American dream is to buy a house. Investing in a property is a big step – it is a big responsibility and you need to be financially prepared. One of the first steps to take is to choose a place where to look for your dream home. If you have chosen Bellevue in Washington State, explore it more. Know the market, know how to move there, and how to pick the right property for you and your family. House hunting in Bellevue WA is a process and it takes time and energy. Don’t expect to find and buy a house in one day. Start from the beginning and do one step at a time. Having a house-buying guide to follow can help you a lot.

Seattle at night after house hunting in Bellevue.
Seattle is only 10 miles away from Bellevue.

Pros of living in Bellevue, Washington

Why should you buy a house in Bellevue? What this city in Washington has to offer to its residents? Washington state has a lot of cities and this is why Bellevue is standing out.

  • Strong economy
  • A lot of job opportunities
  • Seattle is near
  • Transportation system is great
  • House hunting in Bellevue is easier because there are options
  • Entertainment options and a beautiful nature
  • Weather
  • Business-friendly city

For example, housing in Seattle is not the same as the housing in Bellevue. Seattle is a bigger city and more chaotic and the real estate market is hot.

Best areas in Bellevue to buy a house

Bellevue is a city with a population of almost 150k which means it is a big city with many different neighborhoods. When it comes to investing in real estate, which neighborhoods you should consider? Every city in the world has suburbs that are popular among home investors. For example, there are Seattle suburbs for first-time home buyers which is near Bellevue.

Here is a list of some of the best areas in Bellevue to consider as your future home. Of course, you should visit them in person as well.

  • Somerset
  • Beaux Arts Village
  • Lakemont
  • Meydenbauer
  • Newport Hills
  • Woodridge
  • Eastgate

House hunting in Bellevue, WA – tips

How to find a perfect house in Bellevue to buy? Having a guide to follow will help you buy the right home.

If you want to invest in a real estate, explore the market first.

The first thing you need to do is to explore the real estate market in Bellevue, Washington. The average home price is around $1.57 millions. Over the past year, prices are 22% higher now. This makes it a good place where you can invest money on property, because you cannot lose money. When it comes to the type of housing – single-family detached homes are the most common type. On the second place are large apartment complexes.

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage because home owners won’t take you seriously without this paper from your bank. Also, you cannot start the process with the real estate company.
  • Find a reliable local real estate agent.
  • Choose a neighborhood in Bellevue where you want to live. It depends on your job location, kids’ school and lifestyle.
  • Think long-term when buying a house. If you want kids, you will need a bigger house, or if your kids will move out soon, then you probably don’t need extra bedrooms.
  • Set your budget and stick to it. It is even better to do below the budget because you will have additional fees such as closing a deal, moving costs, and getting all the paperwork done.
  • Be open minded and know that after buying – you can make changes in the house.

How to transport items to a new home?

After choosing a house and buying it, you should make a plan on how to move. The House hunting in Bellevue WA process is over, but now, focus on other tasks. You can 2 main options on how to move.

  1. Moving by yourself
  2. Moving with professionals

DIY relocations take more time and energy and in some cases, more money. It does not mean you will save money if you are not hiring a moving company. You will need to buy moving boxes, pack, rent a moving vehicle, drive, and unpack. The process is long.

Another option – which is easier – is to hire a Bellevue mover. It is not hard to find adequate assistance for moving and it will not take you a lot of time to choose the right company. A mover you will hire must be licensed and experienced. Check their information and background. It is best to contact a few different companies, compare them and then choose one of them (by comparing moving estimates and services).

After the house hunting in Bellevue- unpack and furnish

Now, when you have closed a deal and moved to a new house, it is time to furnish, personalize, and decorate it. In some cases, homes needs renovations (big or small) and it is easier to remodel your house before moving in. Paiting the walls, deep cleaning, updating bathroom, repairing the walls – pay attention to details.

Renting storage

When moving or renovating your new house, it is easier to have a temporary storage unit where all your household items will be safe. Also, you will renovate and clean a house faster and better without moving boxes all around the house. A company Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage can offer you different storage options.

A home renovation after house hunting in Bellevue.
Remember, that you can personalize your home after buying it.

Things to do in Bellevue

After buying a house and moving to Bellevue, it is time to relax and to meet your new home city. Bellevue has a lot of fun and interesting things to offer. House hunting in Bellevue is not easy, so you need time to rest.

  • Downtown Park
  • Arts Museum
  • Botanical Garden
  • Mercer Slough Nature Park
  • The Bellevue Collection
  • Lake Sammamish

These were just some of the attractions to visit. After exploring your city, visit Seattle, and other big cities nearby.

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