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Easy remodeling ideas for your Louisiana home

Are you looking for some easy remodeling ideas for your Louisiana home to do this weekend? Look no more – you are in the right place! We will share with you some pleasing remodeling projects that you can do all alone in just a day or two. Moreover, besides being no time-consuming, the following projects will also be easy on your budget. What can be better than that? So, if you are intrigued, get your tool kit and let us get started. Here is how to easily transform your Louisiana home in no time.

Refresh Your Walls With Some Paint

If your walls look dull and washed-out, it is time for a paint job. If you have the time and money, you can repaint every room in your Louisiana home. You can even paint its outside walls too – that is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home! But, if you are looking for some fast and easy project that will transform just one (or a couple of) rooms, you can repaint just them, or you can paint just one wall in each room and create an accent piece out of it. Do not be afraid to play with colors – it is your home after all. You will be surprised at how much your living space will change with just one coat of paint. That is why, when it comes to easy remodeling projects, painting the walls is the most tackled one.

A man on a ladder doing one of the easy remodeling projects - painting the walls.
Looking for some easy remodeling ideas for your Louisiana home – consider giving your walls fresh paint!

Add Crown Molding

When people think about crown molding, two things usually come to their minds – the way how crown molding brings every room to a whole other level and how difficult it is to install it. Fear not, if you want to elevate the look of your room with crown molding details, you no longer have to spend all that time, energy, and money doing it. Nowadays, you can purchase already-made, lightweight polystyrene crown molding coated in hard plaster. Installing it is rather easy – all you need is a handsaw and some glue.

However, keep in mind that this project can be a bit messy. If you are not careful enough you might damage the rest of your furniture with glue or with some other sharp objects. So, either relocate your furniture to another room or find a convenient option for your belongings – like a portable storage unit, for example.

Renew Old Flooring

When you think about easy remodeling ideas for your Louisiana home, changing the floors is usually not on that list. Why – because it is expensive, time-consuming, and it requires skilled hands. But, who says that you have to change the flooring? You can go for a much easier option – repainting it. This is also a great solution if you have just moved into a home that has floors that are in good shape but are simply not your cup of tea. Just put it on your list of things to do before you move into a new home. It is easy and fast – just like painting the walls.

A man renovating his floor.
No need to change your floors – just repaint them!

Refinish Your Wooden Furniture

If you have wooden furniture in your Louisiana home, and if you have not refinished it in a while (or ever), you can probably agree that that furniture has seen better days. Its surface is probably dry and rough and it probably has flakes of varnish or water stains on it. Do not allow your wooden furniture to decay like this, especially since rejuvenating it is soo easy. You just need to sand it a bit and then repaint it with a fresh coat of wood oil or wood paint.

You can do the same with all wooden features in your home – kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, patio furniture, indoor and outdoor fence, etc. But, be careful when using the wood paint and oil inside – one drop of it can stain your fabric furniture forever. So, if you do not heavy steady hands nor the outdoor space to refinish your wooden furniture, it might be better to empty the room completely. The guys from can help you with all the heavy lifting, so do not worry.

Revive Your Old Patio

If your Louisiana home has a patio, you are one lucky person. Treat it as a luxury, because for most people, a patio is a luxury. Do not allow the time and weather conditions to take their toll on your beautiful outdoor space. You just need to give it some love and it will instantly be your favorite place in your home.

Start by decluttering and cleaning it thoroughly. Then, add some patio furniture, a parasol, and some nice-looking outdoor plants. If your patio deck and fence are outdated, you might want to consider upgrading those too – it will be more time-consuming, but, trust us, you will love drinking your first-morning coffee here or even entertaining your friends.

Two women sitting on a patio.
The summer days in Louisiana will become a lot better with a nice patio in front of your house.

Upgrade the Look of Your Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen is one of those renovation projects that are crazy expensive – there is no arguing about that. But, you do not have to change all the cabinets and upgrade all your kitchen appliances in order to upgrade this space. You can, for instance, just repaint your front-side cabinets. Or, you can change the old tiles on the walls and floors. This will give your timely kitchen a brand new look. You can also upgrade small features like lighting, curtains, or even kitchen utensils. Be sure that even a small change in your kitchen will make you want to spend your entire day cooking and entertaining friends and family members, so give one of these easy remodeling ideas a try. 

Give Yur Bathroom Some Love

Last but certainly not least thing you can put on your list of easy remodeling ideas for your Louisiana home is giving your bathroom some love. The best way to do that is to change that cracked, brown caulk lingering everywhere. Aged and damaged caulk is not only disgusting to look at but it can also open the way for mildew and ultimately, for the mold. When that happens, then you will have to face a huge bathroom renovation project instead of this small one. So, make it a habit to change the bathroom caulk once a year. Pay special attention to areas around your sink, tub, and shower as that is where caulk gets damaged the most.

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