children and their parents involved ina DIY move

DIY move – mission (im)possible

Anyone who has ever been involved in a mission called relocation knows that it is hard work. Besides, it often costs a lot of money if you need professional help. When you consider your expenses and the difficulty level of your moving mission, you might realize that DIY move is not a bad choice at all.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to complete it all by yourself. Don’t worry! Plan your steps carefully, find reliable help, make notes if necessary and your success is guaranteed. In the end, this DIY move mission might turn into a piece of cake for you.

Making an inventory list of things before setting off on a DIY move mission

In a DIY move mission, careful planning in advance is very important. Making an inventory list helps here a lot. It enables you to calculate your costs correctly once you know all the things you will relocate into your new home. What’s more, you will probably realize that there are some things you want to get rid of. You can sell online those things that are in good shape. Plus, it’s a good idea to donate some of your furniture or clothes to some charity organizations. The fewer boxes you have, the easier it is to move them.

DIY move planning notebook
Careful planning is very important for a DIY move

Packing your things for a DIY move mission

It is very important to know how to avoid making packing mistakes when moving. In accordance with the inventory list of your things, you can also list the moving essentials you will need. Some of these are different types of boxes (corrugated, wardrobe or bankers boxes), plastic bins even craters for bulky pieces of furniture. Besides, you will also need bubble wraps, foam pouches, moving straps, tapes. Labeling boxes is advisable since it will make you aware of the content of each of them.

It is a good thing to use a separate box and pack some essential things for the first day at you new place after the move in. By essentials, we mean medications, personal hygiene kit, a towel or two, pajamas, a few clothing items if you need to change your clothes. You should keep your money, credit cards and jewelry with you.

This is also the moment when you realize that renting a moving truck or trailer might be a good idea. You can rent moving equipment like dollies as well. This will make the DIY relocation mission much easier to complete.

Renting moving equipment

Although you have decided to do your best, try hard and save some money, you might find renting moving equipment attempting. Packing your things is both physically and mentally exhausting, so after you involve yourself in this activity for some time, you might want to avoid doing the lifting as much as possible. So, moving dollies can help a lot.

If your vehicle cannot handle the load of a moving trailer, think about renting a moving truck. It will considerably speed up the process. Here, you have to be careful about the size of the truck you rent. If you are not sure, it is always better to rent a bigger truck. Otherwise, you might lack some space for your things and be in trouble on the day of the move.

There is also the option of renting a moving container for a DIY move. It functions like this: the company you rent the container from drops it off at your place for you to load it. When the job is done, the company returns to take the container to your new address. If, by any chance, you are not ready to move in at this point, don’t worry. The company can store the container at their warehouse, but that will cause some additional costs.

Whatever decision you make, remember one thing: always reserve moving equipment well in advance!

 Making a list of helpers for DIY move mission

As we have already said, not all the work has to be done by yourself. You can have some helpers. These should be your friends or members of your family. Choose the strong ones. The important thing is that they are reliable, so you won’t end up without any helping hands on the day of the move. Your last option is to hire some help for the job if there aren’t enough people at your disposal. And the last but not the least, you all need to know how to stay safe when moving a house.

helping hands for a DIY move
Reliable helping hands are very important to complete your DIY move mission

The day for a DIY move mission has come!

When the day to start your DIY move mission comes, try to keep a positive attitude and avoid anxiety. If you do this, you will make your move in one-day stress-free. You have planned everything well, your dependable people are with you, so there is no reason to worry. Even if something unexpected comes up, deal with it at that point. There is nothing else you can do!

Final tips on a DIY move

Here are some general tips you should follow during a DIY move:

  1. Start the move in day in comfortable clothes. – You and your helpers will do a lot of loading and unloading. You need to move freely in your clothes.
  2. Set off early on the DIY move mission. – Haven’t you heard that an early bird catches the worm? If you follow this tip, you’ll make sure this is true. There are a few advantages in starting early. You will avoid rush hours and you will have enough time to do all the loading and unloading that is planned for this day.
  3. DIY move mission is easily completed at weekends. – You don’t need a day off, you have plenty of time, so you can work at your own pace. And, of course, there are no rush hours. Simply perfect!
  4. Prepare some protective equipment, too. – No injuries are desirable on this day!

DIY move mission complete!

Now you can finally relax. To show that your DIY move mission is over, organize a party! It’s your opportunity to thank your hard-working helpers and to spend some quality time with them. You all deserve it! After that, you can introduce yourself to a new neighborhood.

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