How to manage your life? With a plate with healthy toast on it and a cup of coffee.

Diet and limited time – how to manage your life?

How we live our lives today cannot compare how our parents lived them. Let’s not even talk about how people did it before them. Everything today is much higher paced and sometimes we feel like we cannot manage to do anything right. When it comes to my home front, one thing that is falling through the cracks is healthy eating. Other healthy habits are also falling behind. It took me a while to figure out how to manage my time. To be completely honest, it took me a while to figure out how to manage my life in general. Not just my time.

No worries though. If you set your mind to it, you can do it. One of the things that always got me of the track was moving. My husband changes offices in different cities constantly. Sometimes we even have to switch continents. Luckily, you can always hire professional help. Last time we had to move, we hired Joel Real Estate. Thus, there are many things that can influence how we manage our lives. However, we determined that it can be done. To make it all easier, here are some tricks and tips. Mostly, we will focus on healthy eating and fitness.

Clean out your kitchen cabinets

Get rid of all the junk food from your cabinets. Chips, cookies and all similar snacks must go if you are serious about getting back on track. In my house, that junk food is never safe. I might not touch it for days, but then something might trigger me, and I would devour everything in sight. I eat when I am stressed out. When we moved last time, I was so stressed I eat a giant bag of potato chips. Moving stress can really get to you. Consequently, I felt like crap for the next few days. Don’t even have the option, get rid of everything.

Kitchen cabinet filled with different spices.
Spices are a great way to add great flavor to your meals without the additional calories.

Buy chopped things

When I was in college I used to do my food shopping. When in the store I would always see these little bags of pre-sliced veggies and fruits and I used to think, how lazy can you be that you cannot chop up your food? Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays, they are my favorite. You just pop them into a bander or into a skillet and off you go.

How to manage your life – meal prep

Meal prepping healthy options for you and your family is a great way to stay on the healthy train. During the week many of us are too tired to cook. In other words, that is what the weekend is for. No excuses. There are many simple and healthy options that can be prepared in less than an hour. Most importantly, it can cover your meals for the next few days. I always try to cook on Sundays and Wednesdays at least. Of course, I would make larger amounts of food, so it can last us a few days. It all depends on your family size.

Chicken on a pan with different veggies.
How to manage your meals during a whole week. Well, start meal preparation on the weekends.

Your freezer is your friend

Don’t get too excited. We are not talking about frozen pizza or frozen puff pastry. On the contrary, we are talking about frozen quinoa, brown rice, vegetables, fruit, white meat, etc. How to manage what is in your freezer? That is easy. It is similar to your kitchen cabinets. The same logic applies. Don’t stock it with unhealthy foods that can tempt you. Also, there is another option. You can freeze the foods that you prepared. I always have a frozen veggie lasagna in my freezer. When I need it, I just pop it in the oven and voilà. Dinner is ready in less than an hour.

What to eat when at work

The ideal situation would be if you could take one of your meal prep foods to work. However, we will do our best to be realistic. This might not be possible every day. How to manage this problem? Well, it is really not to a problem if you know what to order when eating out. Moving to Nashville was great for my family, but bad for my figure. My lunch was always consisted of fattening barbeque foods. Consequently, all my outfits started to be small on me. It was time for a rude awakening. I started bringing food to work and I started making smarter choices whenever I had to buy lunch.

How to manage those workouts?

I have to admit it took me 30 years to figure this one out. Usually, I would set unrealistic goals. Shortly after I would realize my goal will fall flat. Therefore, I knew I needed a shift in attitude. When we relocated to Dubai, I decided to look for personal trainers in Dubai. If you cannot afford face to face sessions, you can always find useful information online. There are many programs that you can pick up on the web and do them at the gym.

How to manage your life? By doing ropes at the gym.
Ge balanced by going to the gym. You will be surprised how good it feels to be active.

If you decide to look for Dubai Personal Trainers, make sure you are committed to working out and know how to manage to incorporate this obligation into your life. Nevertheless, if this is too big of a commitment for you, then make smaller goals. Go to the gym twice a week. Also, do activities with your kids that will get you to move. For example, go on bike rides, take long walks in the park, etc. Everything counts.

How to bounce back if you fall off the wagon

Figuring out how to manage everything in your life is very challenging. So sometimes give yourself a break. If you fall off the wagon don’t be hard on yourself. Pick yourself up and continue where you left off. We are all human and we have our good and bad days. What we want to accomplish is minimizing the number of bad days. We are not striving for perfection.

How to manage it all? Well, in reality, you might not be able to manage it all. All you can do is develop positive and healthy habits. Once you realize how much better you feel after them you will be less inclined to turn to your past unhealthy habits. Start with small steps and keep going in the right direction.

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