Debunking 5 Myths About Commercial Solar Energy

Renewable energy is and should be our future. More and more people recognize the need to save our environment without compromising the quality of living. Generating energy from renewable sources is definitely the way to go, and that is why the interest in solar power among companies and individuals grows by the day. However, some of the myths about commercial solar energy still continue to live. Let’s debunk them right away and learn about the additional benefits they provide us with.

Myth no. 1 – Commercial solar panels are way too expensive

The costs of manufacturing commercial solar panels have decreased in the previous twelve years, causing the final product’s price to drop. As a matter of fact, only one-fifth of the money necessary to buy a panel back then would be enough to get one now.

Besides the manufacturing costs that went down, other aspects became cheaper too. Those include the design and installation costs. It is also much easier for manufacturers to get the necessary permits, and they offer their services at significantly lower prices. These factors combined are enough to debunk the first of the five myths about commercial solar energy. Green energy production is now cheaper than ever. Moreover, this is one of the best home investments that really pay off!

If that is still not enough for your company to consider installing solar panels, you should know that some of the top solar contractors offer financing plans for commercial buildings.

Myth no. 2 – Solar panels might damage your roof

This one cannot be further from the truth! Solar panels will add an extra layer of protection to your roof, and they are certainly not that heavy to be able to damage it. A roof not covered by panels is exposed to the elements that can be rather harsh in some areas. It will not be easy for snow and rain to penetrate your premises with this sort of guard from above. What’s more, the panels will protect your roof from the harmful effects of UV light.

Of course, this is true only when the commercial solar panels are installed correctly and professionally. Nowadays, the entire process can be done in just a day or two.

The conclusion is – while providing you with green energy, solar panels will make your roof last longer.

Myth no. 3 – Panels are too bulky and look unattractive

Anyone who has relocated to a building with solar panels knows for a fact that the green energy-producing equipment is not as bulky and unappealing as it used to be. Nowadays, the panels are slimmer and sleeker while being more efficient at the same time. Real estate agents say that the facilities producing renewable energy are in demand, and people who own them are reluctant to sell. So, if you are looking to move into a new office space, you need to be well-informed and be responsible during the process. Remember, being environmentally-friendly is not only about producing energy from renewable sources. It also means reducing the amount of trash we leave behind.

When it comes to your business’s success, it turns out that those companies that have commercial solar panels installed get better ranked by their clients, partners, and employees than those that are not so environmentally-friendly.

Whatever the size of your roof, and regardless of it being flat or pitched, you will be able to find a solar panel model to fit your specific needs and look appealing at the same time.

Myth no. 4 – There is no use installing a solar panel if you live in a colder area

The more sun they get, the more effective the solar panels are – no argument there. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t work in other conditions. They can absorb ambient sunlight on rainy and darker days too. The state-of-the-art solar panels can work in any climate and during every season. So, look for those if you are planning to buy.

Did you know that colder weather can even benefit solar panel energy production? Lower temperatures are better for conductivity, which means that electricity flows more easily. If this myth was holding you back from moving to a colder area, wait no more. Contact our friends from to get the best supplies and start packing right away!

Myth no. 5 – Solar panels are difficult to maintain

Solar systems are great for the environment, but what if something goes wrong? Those skeptical about solar panels are usually the ones who do not know how they work and what the responsibilities of the manufacturer are. Of course, manufacturers offering the best products will always provide a warranty for them. This period usually lasts for twenty years, but it can be extended to even more. The only prerequisite is that the panels are well-maintained and handled with care.

When it comes to regular maintenance, solar panels are very easy to keep in order. A few times a year, you are expected to clean them from leaves and other dirt that can get accumulated up there. Other than that, if the system is functioning properly, you will not have to do anything. The company you choose to install your commercial solar panels is the one in charge of the services necessary to keep everything working smoothly.

Solar panels are built to be durable and to endure all sorts of weather, and they do not have any moving parts that are usually the first ones to cause problems in similar devices.


We hope that we did a good job debunking these five myths about commercial solar energy. As you can see, solar panels can be aesthetically pleasing, and they are much cheaper than they used to be. Ok, they are not a home improvement idea that will cost you under $500, but they will pay off, add an extra layer of protection to your roof, and produce energy even if the weather is cloudy or cold. Last but not least – they are more than easy to maintain. Get your panels now and start producing green energy right away!

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