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Clinton Hills neighborhood guide

So, you are planning on moving to Clinton Hills? Excellent choice! However, you have to know something about it before you move there. Even if you are not sure about moving to Clinton Hills, this guide may change your mind. Clinton Hills, a fantastic neighborhood in a center of Brooklin can offer you so much. It is a youthful neighborhood with a laid back college town atmosphere. A very diverse neighborhood with a lot to offer, Clinton Hills is a perfect neighborhood for young people and young families. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you are going to have a bad time if you are not that young. Quite the contrary. Clinton Hills has something for everybody, and in this guide, we are going to explore this neighborhood and see what you can expect of it. So, you are very welcome to our Clinton Hills neighborhood guide. Let’s begin!

Clinton Hills has that college town atmosphere which attracts many people

Clinton Hills is a very youthful neighborhood with a college atmosphere. It was founded by Charles Pratt, an oil executive, in the late 19th century. Clinton Hills is very diverse and has a colorful atmosphere. It was formerly a working-class enclave, but later it became home to fantastic mansions and buildings in the early 20th century. Many of the buildings in Clinton Hills were designed by now famous architect Montrose Morris. This made Clinton Hills a very picturesque neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn. Clinton Hills can offer you a very elevated way of life which is not that expensive. And with all of that, you are going to be surrounded by youth. In Clinton Hill, you can find an ideal Brooklyn home.

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The neighborhood of Clinton Hills attracts many young people.

It is a surprisingly affordable neighborhood

What can come as a surprise to many when researching Clinton Hill is that the prices of homes are surprisingly affordable right now. This makes investing in Clinton Hills, and Brooklyn real estate a smart choice, even if you are only planning on living there.

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Clinton Hills’ homes are surprisingly cheap!

For New York, buying a home in Clinton Hill is a winning lottery, since it is a yet undiscovered gem in the middle of Brooklyn. This neighborhood attracts many young families due to its affordability. But don’t be fooled, Clinton Hill punches over its weight meaning that it is an affordable neighborhood with affordable apartments and with a lot to offer.

The location of Clinton Hills is fantastic

Get this, Clinton Hill is only 3.7 miles away from Wall Street. This means that you’ll only need around 20 minutes to get to it by car from Clinton Hill. Isn’t that fantastic? The location of Clinton Hill is a central one, which means that you’ll have New York on your plan if you decide to move here. However, you need to get there first. This is why you need to search for a moving company that can take your and your family’s stuff to Clinton Hill. You need to find movers that are familiar with the neighborhood, and there are not many of them. Experts that work locally can help you out, and this is why it is important to find a good local moving company that knows what it is doing.

Clinton Hill is bordered by many neighborhoods. On the north side, it is bordered by the Navy Yard and Williamsburg. On the south, it borders Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, while on the east it is bordered by Bedford-Stuyvesant. Fort Greene is on the west side of Clinton Hills. All of those neighborhoods are fantastic with a lot to offer, which means that you can easily walk to any of them from your home and not even go beyond 10 thousand steps.

It has more than a few good schools

There are more than a few good local schools in Clinton Hill. Most of the schools are private, which means that they offer a great education. Of course, not all of the schools are the same, and this is why Clinton Hill has many options when it comes to schools. So, if you want the best education for your children, moving to Clinton Hills is a wise choice.

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Clinton Hills offers excellent schools.

But what draws people most to Clinton Hill is the Pratt Institute. The architecture, art, design, and similar things are taught in this institute. Clinton Hill is a magnet for future architects and designers. So, if you are one of them move to Clinton Hill, what are you waiting for? Dynamic Movers maybe?

Surprisingly, Clinton Hills is quite a quiet neighborhood

Although this neighborhood is full of young people, it is on a quiet side. This means that this neighborhood is not only for young people who love to party, but it is also for people who want their peace and quiet. However, this does not mean that Clinton Hill doesn’t have anything to offer if you want to go out with your friends. Quite the contrary, Clinton Hill is dotted with coffee shops, bars, restaurants, in its main avenues. Also, Clinton Hill can offer you a wide variety of choices for your relocation. There are more than a few good moving companies that can take you to your new home in Clinton Hills. You just need to find a company that is verified and legit.

Parks of Clinton Hills

Clinton Hill is also dotted with many parks and playgrounds, but the two main parks are Fort Greene Park and the sprawling Prospect Park. Those parks are beautiful, and they bring a breath of fresh air to the center of Brooklyn. Playgrounds are a fantastic choice if you want to go to them with your children. Try to decorate your new Brooklyn apartment with your children first, then you can enjoy the parks and playgrounds later.

We sincerely hope all the above-mentioned facts in our Clinton Hills neighborhood guide have helped you. Good luck!

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