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Choosing the right moving outfit for you

Choosing an outfit is something everyone does daily. So how complicated can it be to choose a moving outfit? Sure, choosing an outfit for moving day is easy enough. But choosing the right moving outfit? Not so much. Precisely that is why we decided to compile this article. to help you avoid all the common mistakes and come prepared for the move itself. Simply put, we’re going to talk about how to dress for success. A successful; move that is, So read on and enjoy.


You  might ask yourself “how much planning is really needed here?” Well, when it comes to moving, planning and organization are key. The same goes for planning out your moving outfit. There are several things you will want to keep in mind like:

  • When is the move
  • Where are you moving to
  • Who will be conducting the move
  • What are the items that you’ll be handling like
  • What type of clothes is the most practical for moving

So, let’s address all of these, one by one.

The season of the move

Starting off with the most important item, during which season are you moving. It is quite obvious why this is the most important thing to keep in mind. After all, picking the right moving outfit is very season specific. You will be facing different hurdles if you’re moving during the summer than say during the winter. Not only are there temperature differences, but also, season traits, to think about. High heat and sun intensity during the summer, rain during fall and spring and snow, ice and sleet during the winter. Not to mention that depending on the timing of your move the weather might change as well as the amount of light available.

A puddle on a street
Weather is the most important factor to keep in mind when you pick the right moving day outfit

Professional movers might tell you many stories about seeing people dress for the move with fashion instead of the work, in mind. Obviously, this is something to avoid. Instead, think about the weather.  Look at the forecast for the moving week and how it develops. Many weather websites now have satellite imagery of the weather changes that can allow you to anticipate a change in the weather conditions well in advance. A good idea would be to prepare a few alternative outfits that you might wear on a moving day.  Additionally, it would be smart to check the weather just before the move and pick the right moving outfit accordingly.

Where are you  moving to

Closely tied to the question of weather is the question where are you moving to. If you’re moving long range or starting a new life overseas, chances are you will be moving into an area with a vastly different climate than the one you’re used to. In that case, the question of choosing the right moving outfit becomes even more important.

A woman sitting on a suitcase with a globe next to her. What the right moving outfit is depends on where you are moving to.
Your destination will dictate your outfit.

However, even if you’re moving within the country, you could be moving to a significantly different climate. Say you’re moving from Minnesota to somewhere really warm like San Antonio. You would want to dress accordingly. Especially if you’re moving during a transitional season like spring when Minnesota might be really cold and Texas rather warm. So, take into consideration the climate of your destination as well.

Who is conducting the move

The second most important question here is, who will be conducting your move. The tasks you will need to perform will differ greatly if you’re the one doing the work as opposed to hiring a professional moving service. If you’re the one doing the heavy lifting the right moving outfit will be the kind you can get messy in and that won’t get in your way. We will talk about these concerns a bit later. On the other hand, if you’ve hired professional help for your move, you can mostly focus on the weather.

What kind of items will you be handling

Even if you opted for professional moving services, you might choose to handle moving certain items yourself. They might be valuables or maybe child and pet-related items and such. These can also affect the clothing you should be wearing. Keep the specifics of these items in mind when picking the right moving outfit. An oil painting might stain the shirt that you really like, for example. It would be best to avoid such a mishap, as it would only add to your move-related stress.

To make a right moving day outfit you need the right type of clothes

Now we can dive into a more specific subject. As we mentioned above, no matter who is conducting the move, there are certain traits that make some clothes better for conducting the move than others. These traits also apply no matter the season. First of all, for your move, you want to wear clothes that are well-fitting. Pick an outfit that is too tight and you might find yourself at difficulty performing some movements that are needed during the moving process. Go too loose and your clothes might snag on things and just be in your way. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s advisable to avoid light colored clothes. As moving is messy, no matter who is conducting it, with lightly colored clothes you are just running a risk of staining them.

Clothes on a rack
When it comes to picking the right moving outfit, practicality comes first, fashion second

Another thing that would be smart to consider is the number of pockets your outfit has. It would be smart to wear clothes with at least some pockets, so you can store items that you will be wearing on your person during the move. Finally, think about what items you will be unpacking first. If they don’t include season specific clothing, you might want to pack an extra outfit or two, just for the first few days after the move.

Dress for the moving success

After reading through this article you should be ready to cover all the important points when choosing the right moving day outfit. As we have pointed out, planning is very important with every move. so, just take it easy, plan well ahead and you will be all set!

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