Charming Virginia suburbs for newlyweds

If you are a newlywed you are on your new path of starting a new life together. Most newlyweds see marriage as a new start and are interested in starting fresh. Although they are connected to the place where they met they want to make a new start in a new place and make it their new home. This usually means that they are looking for a new place to move to and start over. This is where Virginia comes in. It seems that there are many Charming Virginia suburbs for newlyweds that attract them. Many married couples move here so let’s see where and what attracts them.

What are people looking for in charming Virginia suburbs for newlyweds

Most young couples are looking for a few common things. As they are starting fresh they want a place that will suit them in long run. That they can plant their roots in and make nests nurturing and caring for the next generation. This means that the pace must fit their new needs and have certain amenities. First and foremost these young professional couples need good job opportunities. Starting and developing a career is important to them, In addition, the place should be affordable to live in. The cost of living is therefore of importance.

Last but not least they need a sense of community and a good support structure. So, the place they are after should have a similar demographic structure meaning other newlyweds to create a connection. The place should also be fun and full of things to do and explore. Food, culture, and entertainment are also a plus. All of this makes Virginia a place to move to. This is the reason why A2B Moving and Storage is keeping busy with the demand from people moving in.

Nature in Virginia
There are many scenic and charming Virginia suburbs for newlyweds

Virginia and the best places for newlyweds

Well, Virginia as a state has a particular charm. It’s not surprising that many newlyweds move here. Its overall atmosphere, small towns, and tight-knit communities are just what newlyweds need. All of these aspects also coincide with the ones that are important when choosing the best neighborhoods overall. So, let’s see which are the most charming Virginia suburbs for newlyweds:

  • Arlington
  • Falls Church
  • Alexandria
  • Fairfax city
  • Chantilly


One of the first places on the list is Arlington. One of the best places to live in the whole of the US is also perfect for Newlyweds. First of all, it is perfectly placed on the border with Washington. This fact makes it well connected with easy access to a well-developed job market. At the same time, this city has some great schools to offer. The crime rate is low and there is plenty to do here. The nightlife is great and social life is something that recommends Arlington to newlyweds.


People from all over come to visit Old Town Alexandria for its rich history and heritage. However, there is much more to this town that attracts people and newlyweds to move in. This is one of the most sought-after places that offers great opportunities and amenities for high-quality living, fun, work, and play. Alexandria is a popular tourist destination but there is more to it. The town offers plenty of restaurants and bars to spend time in and socialize.

A street in one of the charming Virginia suburbs for newlyweds
There are plenty of towns and suburbs here that attract people every day

The cuisine here is great whether you are interested indoor or outdoor dining. You can experience the waterfront or go shopping. It also offers many great events and many places to spend time with your partner or family. In addition, there are some great schools here that are perfect for families with children. Alexandria has a particular charm that attracts newlyweds to come and settle here.

Falls Church

The quality of life in Falls Church made it one of the best places to live in 2018. The predominant feature of the place is the quality of life. It is a top-notch place to live in and call home. The town offers small and tight-knit communities. This is great for newlyweds and small families. Socializing in communities like this is easy and it incorporates similar families and social groups. The place is extremely safe with a low unemployment rate. However, it is expensive. Even though Falls Church has an above-average income so are the housing solutions. But if you can afford it you are welcome to move in. Locals can handle any moving need you have so let the pros jump in to make your move to Falls Church easy and fast.

Fairfax city

This suburb of Washington DC is one of the most sought-after places to live and it’s best ranked by This is a great place for professionals but also families. Fairfax has a vibrant community with a great and rich social and nightlife. The place is full of bars and coffee shops and restaurants. At the same time, it has many attractions as well as things to do and fun and an active nightlife. As such it is great for newlyweds looking for a place where they can work and socialize. However, if you are looking long term you will see that there are great amenities for future families. The school system is top rated and crime rates are quite low.

People at the dining table having fun
Rich social life is important for newlyweds


Chantilly is well placed along the Potomac River and is known as a diverse and cultured town. This is one of the most secure places in the US. It has a strong economy with a very low unemployment rate. With its diversity and rich cultural life, it is great for newlyweds. At the same time, it has a great schooling system and some of the best private and public colleges. Chantilly seems to be one of the best places to buy a house and settle in Virginia.

In conclusion

Virginia is a great place to settle in. It is a diverse and beautiful place with plenty of opportunities and good places to live. It’s no wonder that there are also many charming Virginia suburbs for newlyweds to research and explore. It is clear that everyone can find a perfect home here for himself and his family.

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