Real estate agent in the street, offering help with buying your first property in Europe

Buying your first property in Europe

When you have the financial ability, it’s reasonable to want to own a property. Not having to pay the rent and having the property on your name can sound very appealing. And with low-cost airlines, people have been traveling to Europe and other parts of the world. And when exploring these countries, it’s easy to fall in love with one of them and to want to make your new home there. But, is buying your first property in Europe much different than buying your property anywhere else?

Buying your first property in Europe

When buying your property in a place far away from your present home can be challenging. First of all, you have to go through the necessary procedure for buying a property. On top of that, you have to do the market research in order to protect your interests and find the option that’s best for your budget. In addition to all of this, you have to organize a long-distance move. Now you can realize that this might not be the easiest thing that you’ll ever do.

Houses and the sky
Is there a difference?

You might need help

With everything that has to be done, you might consider hiring help. Whether it’s for doing the heavy lifting or handling the paperwork, sometimes it’s better to leave it up to professionals.

  • find the best possible movers and hire them to help you with your relocation
  • legal help – when buying your first property in Europe, you might want a lawyer who’s experienced in real-estates and speaks English
  • find a good real estate agent who can find the option that’s best for your budget

Plan your budget

For starters, knowing how much funds you can spend on your new property is crucial. You should also take into account expenses like registration or property transfer taxes. But. when planning your budget, getting a pre-approved mortgage is very useful. That’s why you’ll leave an impression of a serious buyer.

The differences

Depending on the country of your choice, there are differences in prices of real estate, transaction costs, as well as the buying process. Whether it’s Spain, France, Italy, or another European country, the process is a bit different. Also, you should analyze the market in a specific place, is the price expected to go up or down. In any case, you can benefit quite a lot from thorough research as it will let you know what to expect.

A village house.
Different properties in different places might have distinctive market trends


No matter how much the owner values the property, you can always get it for at least a bit lower price. And that’s where negotiating comes in. It’s one of the useful skills to have in life, and that’s the case when buying the house in the new city and when buying your first property in Europe. Of course, there’s a risk of suggesting a price that’s too low, resulting in the property owner not taking you as a serious client. But, sometimes, that might be worth the risk. With a bit of luck, you’ll become a proud owner of your first property in Europe.

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