Buying a family home in New Jersey

Buying a family home in New Jersey – best locations

New Jersey is one of the most popular moving destinations for families and there are plenty of reasons why you should be moving here. There are plenty of qualities that New Jersey has that make living with a family here amazing. But as you are moving, buying a family home in New Jersey is a good investment to make. Housing prices in New Jersey are no low but they are only getting bigger. This is because this is a very popular place for moving and a lot of people want to live in New Jersey. Buying a home now means that if you decide to sell it in a couple of years, you will be in a big plus. Plus, buying a home also gives you certainty. That will be your home and you won’t have to worry about what you can and can’t do there.

But buying a home is not an easy task. You have to know some things before you decide to do it. Especially if you don’t live in New Jersey already and you are not familiar with the places where buying a home is a good idea. This is what we are here to help with. This article is where you can read all about some of the best locations for buying a family home in New Jersey. There are plenty of locations to consider but we gathered a couple of the best ones. Getting to know the NJ real estate market before moving there is important for various reasons.

family home in New Jersey
Finding a family home in New Jersey won’t be a hard task.


Alpine is a borough in Bergen County. Bergen County is the best county for family living for dozens of reasons which is why it is also one of the most popular moving destinations for people all over the country. There are plenty of amazing places to move to in Bergen County. But Alpine is one of the best places to move in NJ, for sure. It is located along the sides of the Hudson River. Along the sides of the Hudson River is where there are a lot of parks. This is where a lot of families spend their free time in. There are plenty of things for families to do in Alpine which is why this is the perfect place for you to buy a family home in.

Housing prices in Alpine

Housing in Alpine is great. But have in mind that Alpine is not affordable at all. this is a very exclusive location to live in. A lot of rich people live in Alpine which is why the housing prices are very high. The average home price in Alpine sits at around $2,3 million. And housing prices are only rising here as new, better homes are being built all the time. But if buying a family home in New Jersey and you buy it in Alpine, it won’t certainly be an investment you regret making.

Housing in Alpine is very luxurious.

Alpine is a very safe place to live in. There is almost no crime here which is why moving to Alpine with children is a good idea. And if housing is so expensive and if so many wealthy people live here, this also indicates that schools in Alpine are amazing as well. There are a couple of them, both public and private ones. For most parents, good education and schools are very important. And if you move to Alpine, your children will surely be able to get a good education in a good school. Another great thing about this place is that you can easily find help that is close to you to relocate you if you decide to do so at some point. Not only is it easy finding help but the assistance you will get is the best one. Expect only the best after moving to Alpine.


Right after Bergen County, Essex County is the second best and most popular NJ moving destination. And one of the towns in Essex County that sticks among the rest of them when it comes to good family living would surely be Nutley. After you settle in with expert’s assistance into your new Nutley home, we suggest you start exploring the town. There are plenty of things that make living here with your family amazing. And this is because there are plenty of family-friendly activities here.

Let us begin with the fact that there are plenty of beautiful parks in the town. This means that you have where to take walks, have picnics, ride bikes, and do plenty of other things that you usually love doing with your family. The Third River crosses through the whole town and along its sides there is plenty of nature. You will love spending your free time here. There are plenty of schools in Nutley since it isn’t a small town at all and a lot of people live here.

new jersey
Nutley has the most beautiful parks along the Third River.

Housing prices in Nutley

Housing in Nutley is very affordable which is why a lot of families move here and why we believe that this is one of the best places for buying a family home in New Jersey. The average housing cost in Nutley sits at around $450,000. When compared to Alpine, this is very affordable. For this amount of money, you can buy a very lovely family home. There are plenty of them on the market. Buying a smart home here is possible as well but they are more expensive. is a moving company that can help you relocate to Nutley no matter where you live in. Hiring the best movers when moving with a family is important if you want to have a stress-free relocation process.

Other places to consider

Here are a couple of more places to consider buying a family home in New Jersey:

  • Bayonne
  • Summit
  • Sparta
  • Weehawken.

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