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Brief guide to Kuwait real estate market trends

Are you moving to Kuwait soon? One of the things you need to solve is where you will live. What are the housing options? That is why you need to explore Kuwait real estate market trends and to know the market. Having a brief guide can help you a lot. Kuwait is located on another continent, overseas, so going to the internet is one of the first steps to check.

Why are people moving to Kuwait in the first place?

What are the pros of living here? Moving overseas is a big step, so you need to have big reasons for taking that step.

  • The economy is very strong and their currency is the strongest currency in the world.
  • There are no taxes. So, you can make more money here than in other countries in the world.
  • The job market is strong and it is the main reason for moving here. 70% of residents are ex-pats. Average salaries are high.
  • Kuwait is a travel hub.
  • A new cultural experience. The lifestyle in Kuwait is completely different from the lifestyle in the USA. A different language, culture, tradition, food, etc.
  • Crime rates are very low.
  • A lot of ex-pats organizations, so you will have your community there.
  • A great education system and a lot of international schools.
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Kuwait is a beautiful place with many ex-pats, so you will adjust fast after moving there

Moving to Kuwait

Before reading about Kuwait real estate market and looking for homes there, you need to know how to organize a relocation to another continent, on the other side of the world. Where to start and how to prepare? Moving overseas is challenging and stressful. But, with the right guide and help, you will be able to make this process a little bit easier. Remember, moving to a foreign country can only start after you organize a relocation in detail. It includes researching Kuwait real estate market trends well before you start packing.


Decide what to pack and move to Kuwait. Get the right packing supplies and materials and turn stressful tasks into enjoyable process with ease. Keep in mind that the costs of your relocation will depend also on the size and weight of your items. So, calculate is it better to pack something or to buy something new after moving. Your items will be in a shipping container, “traveling” for about 2 weeks which means they will be carried a lot. So, make sure all your items are properly packed and they will arrive undamaged. 


Besides packing, you need to make a plan on how to transport all your items to Kuwait after packing. Hiring an experienced and reliable residential moving company in Kuwait is the best choice. Make sure to find reliable people to help you out. Move your personal items and it will give a special touch to your new home in Kuwait. Shipping by the ocean is common for moves overseas, but if you need your items more quickly, then choose air freight. 

House keys.
Before you rent a home in Kuwait, make sure to organize a relocation there like a pro

Kuwait real estate market trends to know about

Besides hiring real estate agents in Kuwait and learning some facts from them, you should also research by yourself too. It is important to know what Kuwait has to offer you and what are the housing options and predictions for the future. First of all, you should know that the current economy in the world affected the Kuwait real estate market too. But the change was not significant. Ex-pats are still coming to Kuwait to work, and the economy is still strong as well as the real estate market.

The structure

3 main types of real estate are: residential, commercial, and investment. Investment real estate is growing very fast and many foreigners now want to invest in Kuwait real estate market after they explore Kuwait real estate market trends. Especially now when the pandemic is almost over. Ex-pats are coming back to “re-open” Kuwait. After all, most of the workers there are foreigners. And now, when the government allowed foreigners to buy real estate, people are using this opportunity.

But, there are some rules when it comes to buying a property as an ex-pat. For example, you cannot buy more than 1,000 square miles, you cannot have a criminal record, and you need to have a sufficient income earned in Kuwait, not in the USA.

A person loking at a house and exploring Kuwait real estate market trends
Research the market and know all the facts before investing in real estate

Still, most of the ex-pats are renting an apartment. Not only because buying is a big financial step, but also because most people plan to come back to the USA after a couple of years. There are so many housing options. Different sizes, furnished or not furnished, a house or apartment, they come in different price ranges, you only need to research.

In the past decades, many homes were built in western style. So, you can live in a home that has all the items your home back in the USA had. It is highly recommended to visit Kuwait before the final move there. Have an Easy Move KW help but know what to expect after moving to a new country overseas.

Hire a real estate agent in Kuwait

To get to know the Kuwait real estate market trends well, you should have a reliable and experienced real estate agent who already knows the market. Recognize the traits of a reliable real estate agent in Kuwait and hire the best one for you. Tell him/her all your priorities and what is your price range. How much money can you spend on rent per month? A good realtor should listen to all your wishes and find a place you will like and be able to afford, at the same time. Balance is important, especially when you are an ex-pat and new in some country. It is not easy to adjust, so many people because of that need to think about budget more.

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