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Best Towns in British Columbia for Big Families

Are you considering moving to Canada with your family? If you are there is no need to put that decision off. A move to Canada may just be the best decision you make for your family. This is a country with a lot of diversity, warm and welcoming people, great nature, and views to enjoy. On top of that, it offers great job opportunities, great healthcare, and high-quality education. This is why more and more families from the US are researching their options and moving here. British Columbia particularly stands out in this regard. There are plenty of family-friendly places to choose from in BC. To start you in the right direction please allow us to offer a short list of the best towns in British Columbia for big families you can choose from.

Why Canada and BC

Well, Canada is a great destination to move to. This vast country offers everything and can be great for everyone. As such it is a diverse place that is home to people from all over the world. It accepts them and their differences welcoming them and providing everything they might require. At the same time, it is peaceful and friendly. In general, it is a family-friendly place offering a great many amenities and opportunities for families with children. This is why many large families are moving here and finding a perfect place to call home. With this in mind here is where the moving industry thrives. Family relocation by centennialmoving.ca is something that is in high demand for many moving here.

People playing hockey on a lake in one of the towns in British Columbia for big families
Some of the best towns in British Columbia for big families offer great nature and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities

However, if you are looking to move here you should know where you are going. One of the best places is British Columbia. This province situated between the Rockies and The Pacific has it all. It is geographically diverse and beautiful. Some of the most beautiful nature and views can be found right here. At the same time is a province that is developing and offering many job opportunities. With many small towns and large cities, it is where you can easily first in and settle down with your family. If you are still struggling to find the right place here are some of the Best Towns in British Columbia to consider:

  • Kelowna
  • Surrey
  • Whistler
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Aberdeen


Kelowna is one of the top destinations people from all over the world wich to move to. Situated on the shore of Lake Okanagan it is a cool and charming place to live in. it has a very high quality of life and is a welcoming and safe community. Big families have a lot to do here. This is a wine country so the views can be breathtaking. The climate is mild so there is an opportunity to be active outdoors all year round. With a lake and over 120 parks, it is great for all sorts of family fun. Besides recreational activities, you can always enjoy a day in the city with plenty of shopping, dining, entertainment, and culture. The city also has a great healthcare system and education which makes it one of the best towns in British Columbia for big families.


A great place for big and growing families in Surrey. In close proximity to Vancouver, this community is growing. The new development is on the rise and you can buy affordable property easily. Besides good employment opportunities, this town offers a good connection to Vancouver making it perfect for commuters. At the same time, families can have a lot to do here. There are many forests and parks offering outdoor adventure, hiking, biking, etc. There are many festivals held here making it perfect for family activities all year round.

An orchard besides a lake
Situated on a lake, Kelowna has great views and a lot of fun activities to offer.


Whistler is a well-known skying destination in Canada. Surrounded by mountains it is perfect for many outdoor activities. With many trails, it is suitable for biking, hiking, ziplining, and bobsledding. It is a well-known tourist destination making it very coveted and somewhat expensive. The main industries are hospitality and tourism. It is a good place for big families that want to lead a dynamic lifestyle.


One of the towns in British Columbia for big families is the town of Burnaby. It is just 15 minutes away from Vancouver but it offers a much different feel. it is a beautiful place with many trails, parks, and easy access to lakes and mountains. it offers a lot to do to younger people and families. The place is also great for education. It offers a great schooling system and an easy commute to the University of British Columbia.


Richmond is a very diverse town with a mixed population. This place is a treasure trove of opportunities. It has some great career options to offer as well as top-notch education. Richmond is on the waterfront but it also has plenty of trails, and parks and is great for families that want to enjoy nature.


If you are looking for affordable housing then Aberdeen is a place for you. Located in the immediate vicinity of Kamloops it offers the best of both worlds. It is a quiet community suitable for families and raising children. it also has great schools in the area. But at the same time, it offers a short commute and easy access to all of the amenities that Kamloops has to offer.

Nature in Canada
The area is great for spending time outdoors

Bigger cities in the area

What we should mention is that even the larger cities are great for families. Places like Vancouver and Victoria are also very safe and laid back. They offer great opportunities to larger families which is why many of them move long distances to BC. If you are planning such a relocation make sure you reach your new place stress-free with the help of professionals. Your long-distance move will be simpler with the help of reputable movers.

Living in the British Columbia

Families moving to Canada can find a better place to settle than BC. The whole province is a treasure trove of job opportunities, great education, natural beauty, and a high standard of living. When moving here consider some of the best towns in British Columbia for big families as your destination. However, keep in mind that there are larger cities that you might find just as appealing for your family.

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