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Best places to live in New Jersey

Are you planning on moving to New Jersey? Well, that is a great idea! New Jersey really does have a lot to offer to people of all walks of life. It is also known by the name Garden State, or according to locals -just Jersey! This is the state of urban towns, diners, and shopping malls. The job market is thriving, the education system is more than great, and there is always something to do. New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state, but it is densely populated as more than 9,032,872 people live there. And, you have probably heard about its most famous towns – Hoboken, Trenton, and Newark, but New Jersey has more than 500 towns where you can settle in. So, if you were wondering what some of the best places to live in New Jersey are, and what the real estate market in New Jersey is like, keep on reading.

White Meadow Lake is one of the best places to live in New Jersey

Many people, both locals and those who visit White Meadow Lake, claim that this one of the happiest places in the world. Well, if not in the world, then at least, it is the happiest place in New Jersey. White Meadow Lake is home to approximately 9,000 happy people. And it is located in Moris County. Here, you will find everything one could wish for – the lowest unemployment rate in the state, amazing schools, affordable housing where medium home value is around $116,623, and a big number of coffee shops, bars, pub, and nightclubs. Moreover, you will only hear about crime on TV. And, if you are a fan of outdoor activities and breathtaking views, well White Meadow Lake has many meadows and a lake. So, if you liked what you heard, pack your bags and call Bluebell Relocation Services NJ.

A lake house.
If you want to live happily ever after, then, White Meadow Lake is one of the best places to live in New Jersey.


Princeton is definitely a town you heard of. This is because it is home to one of the most prestigious universities – Princeton University. So, if you plan on moving here, either to enroll or to help your children enroll, be sure to manage your moving expenses as living here comes with a hefty price tag. Medium home value is around $780,300. However, if you are lucky enough to find a job immediately, you will have no problem paying all the bills and living comfortably as salaries are pretty high as well, approximately $114,645 per household. So, do not worry much as you will soon realize that Princeton is too one of the best places to live in New Jersy. And, according to all the students, it is definitely one of the best college towns to live in. You will notice that quickly adjusting after moving to Princeton is possible.

College students walking down the street of Princeton which is one of the best places to live in New Jersey.
Besides offering a great education, Princeton offers many places where college students can have fun!

Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City is not a very famous tourist destination, but, because of that, it offers a peaceful lifestyle to its residents. However, that does not mean that there is nothing to do here. Quite the contrary! Elizabeth City is famous for its numerous festivals, happening every season. And if you love shopping, then Elizabeth City is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Shopping sprees are a way of life here. However, the reason why so many people love living here is because of the ‘Green Lifestyle’. There are exactly 46 parks here. And, people are really into a healthy lifestyle and living a clean life. You will also be able to find a good job here and send your kids to good schools. So, yes, Elizabeth City is a good place to settle down. Also, there are many housing options, so you only have to decide what is better for you – an apartment or a house.

Edison Township

Edison is a very small city but it is densely populated. There are around 120,000 people calling Edison home. Fun fact is that this city was named after Thomas Edison whose home and lab were based here. And this is the same lab where he tested 10,000 light bulbs until he finally figured it out. Because of this, you will see some tourists asking for directions, but nothing too crazy nor crowded. However, if you were wondering why soo many people live in this tiny city, well, the answer is low unemployment rate, many great factories like John F. Kennedy Medical Center and Johnson & Johnson, amazing education and low cost of living. Moving here is also very simple, just make sure to find a good moving company and a trustworthy realtor and you will relocate in no time and with ease.

A light bulb.
In Edison Township you will also see many museums and research centers dedicated to Thomas Edison.

Saddle Brook

And, if you were looking for some of the best places to live in New Jersey that will enable you to commute to work easily, then Saddle Brook is the place for you! It is perfect for those people who must spend a lot of time on the road. Saddle Brook is crisscrossed by multiple major highways. Some of the major ones include the Garden State Parkway,   Interstate 80 and Route 17. And the fact that New York is just minutes away is another big plus. But, be sure that that is not the only thing this small city has to offer. There are many things that will keep you occupied when you are not working or commuting. You can join some sports events, either to watch or participate. Or, if you prefer something more leisurely, you can go to the movies, the theatre, drink great coffee in some of the coffee shops, or drink beer with the locals.  

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