The beach in one of the best places to live in Delaware.

Best places to live in Delaware in 2021

Moving to a new place is always exciting, but comes with many responsibilities and decisions. Whether you’re moving on your own or with your family, you always try to pick the best place possible for your new home. Delaware offers some great options, despite its size. To learn what are the best places to live in Delaware in 2021 and why you should move there, continue reading!

Still hesitant about moving to Delaware?

Don’t be! There are many reasons why this is a great place to live. We will share some of them, to help you realize you’re making a good decision:

  • Location – Delaware’s central location is one of the main advantages of moving here. With a short train ride, you can easily reach Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and NYC, as well as other popular spots in the area.
  • Taxes advantages – not so many states can provide their residents with zero sales tax, and Delaware is one of them. Also, first-time homebuyers can enjoy great income tax credit, low real-estate tax, and other benefits.
  • Fits all ages – whether you’re moving with a family, or looking for a place to retire, Delaware is a suitable option. There are excellent education options for children. At the same time, it’s one of the top destinations for retirees.
  • The Beach – Delaware’s beaches are known to be clean, beautiful, and family-friendly. Therefore, if you like this type of outdoor activity, you’re going to love Delaware.
  • it’s easy to move – hiring a local moving company is fairly easy, just contact Superior Moving & Storage and never worry about your relocation in Delaware.
A house key in a person's hand
Moving into a new home depends on different factors.

Where to move – the best places to live in Delaware in 2021

It’s time to reveal the list of top-notch locations for those planning to move to Delaware in 2021. If you’re one of them, consider the following places.


Being one of the safest, and also fastest-growing towns in the state, Middletown is one of the favorites on our list. It has a population of about 22,000, which is growing each year. Most of the residents own their homes, and it’s the location of choice for both families and young professionals. The suburban feel while being close to big cities is one of its main advantages.


There’s a good reason why this is the most populous city in the state – Wilmington has it all. However, even though it’s the biggest place on this list, you shouldn’t worry about relocating there. Local experienced moving teams are familiar with every street in the city and know the fastest and safest way to reach them.

A bridge in Philadelphia
Close to Philadelphia, Wilmington is surely one of the best places to live in Delaware.

Pike Creek

A smaller place, yet one of the favorites in Delaware, especially among young professionals. It has a great location, but also provides its residents with a peaceful, suburban lifestyle. The place is family-friendly, with a lot of options for outdoor activities. If you plan on buying a home here, you’ll be pleased to know that homes sell at more affordable prices than in some other locations in this state.

North Star

If you want to move outside of Philadelphia, but still be able to reach it with ease, consider North Star. It’s a favorite among new residents for more than just its location. North Star offers greats schools, lively nightlife, and a thriving job market.

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