where to buy a family home in Pennsylvania

Best places to buy a family home in Pennsylvania

There are plenty of amazing states where investing in real estate is a great idea. One of those states certainly is Pennsylvania. There are plenty of benefits to doing so. For starters, Pennsylvania is an incredible state with many wonderful cities and towns to live in with your family. Investing in real estate is one of the best investments to make in a lifetime and we believe that if you buy a family home in Pennsylvania, you have made an exquisitely good investment. But if you are not very familiar with just where buying a family home would be a good idea, we are here to help. This article will tell you about just a couple of great places in Pennsylvania to consider if you are contemplating of buying a family home. And if you are doing so, we definitely suggest thinking about moving to Pennsylvania as there are plenty of perks of doing so.


One of the best cities in Pennsylvania to live in is Philadelphia for sure. But if you are moving with a family, you might be leaning more towards a suburban area rather than an urban area in the city center. If that is so, Glenside is the perfect option. This is a suburb of Philadelphia. It is located very close to it which means that you can easily get to work if you will be working in Philadelphia as most people from this area are. But this is not the only reason to consider buying a home here.

The housing in Glenside is amazing. It is mostly family houses that you will be able to find here with beautiful front and sometimes even backyards. Most of the family houses in Glenside have been renovated if they have been built a long time ago but the majority of houses were recently built. This means that they are very modern and spacious. The pricing of family houses in this area is not as big as one would imagine it to be. The typical home price in Glenside is around $398,000. This is not a small price to pay for a home but when you realize that this is a big, spacious home in a very nice place, the price becomes very small.

Family house.
There are plenty of newly-built homes in Glenside.

If you decide to move to Glenside, you should definitely team up with certified people in the area to make relocation easier. They will make sure your relocation is done nicely and smoothly without you having to stress too much about the entire process.


If you want to know about another amazing suburb in the Philadelphia area, Conshohocken is a place you must know more about. It is the perfect place for people with small children as this suburb is very peaceful and quiet. It is also very safe as the people who live here are all very close to each other. There are plenty of things going on here, do not automatically assume that this is a boring place to live in. There will always be something for you to do in Conshohocken. You have lots of locally-owned stores where you can buy many different things that you might need. You also have a number of beautiful parks with playgrounds where you can go with your children. Even if you do run out of things to do in Conshohocken, you can always take a short drive to Philadelphia where you have plenty more options.

Park bench.
There are lots of beautiful parks in this area which is why it is perfect for families with children.

Conshohocken is a bit more expensive when it comes to real estate when compared to Glenside. The average home price is just a couple of thousands of dollars higher than in Glenside. But this doesn’t make it a place to cross off of your list of options where you could buy a family home in Pennsylvania. The houses in this area are amazing as well. And it is why many families from Philadelphia have been relocating here recently. If you want to do the same, definitely reach out to skilled neighbors for moving assistance. That is if you want to have a stress-free move from your current home to your new Conshohocken home.

Drexel Hill

If living near downtown Philadelphia is important to you but you still want to stay away from all the noises, Drexel Hill is a place to add to your list. It is located much closer to downtown Philadelphia but it isn’t as expensive as the two previous places mentioned. It is much more affordable. The average price for a home in Drexel Hill is just around $267,000. This is almost half the price of homes in Glenside and Conshohocken. But this certainly doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good place to live in.

Philadelphia downtown.
If living near downtown Philadelphia is important to you, this is the perfect option to consider.

There aren’t as many things for you to do here, but if you want to save money when buying a big family house but still live near Philadelphia, this is the perfect option. There are some amazing schools in this area which is why there are plenty of families living here. As this area is more affordable, plenty of students live here as well. This makes it a bit more lively than Glenside and Conshohocken. Lots of retirees are moving to this town as well as it is very lovely and has plenty of places where you can spend your free time. This is a good place to buy a second home in Pennsylvania as it is affordable.

More Pennsylvania towns to consider

If you do not really care to live near Philadelphia, there are plenty of other fantastic places for you to buy a family home in Pennsylvania and move to with zippyshellphl.com. And here are some of our suggestions:

  • Monroeville
  • Bridgeville 
  • Lititz
  • Lancaster
  • Gettysburg
  • Carlisle.

These are just a few, but there certainly are more. Doing more research couldn’t hurt but we believe that the places we have told you about are some of the best options for families looking to buy a family home in Pennsylvania.

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