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Best places for a romantic restaurant in Monterey, CA

Because of its location and scenic surroundings, Monterey is such a lovely place for opening a restaurant. The ocean breeze in your hair, the sound of crashing waves, view of the breathtaking beach is what adds to the charm of this small city located on the Central Coast and make it one of the most beautiful seaside places in California. It also boasts many top-notch restaurants, which exude a romantic atmosphere due to the ideal setting. If you are looking to start a restaurant here, continue reading and find out which are the best places for opening a romantic restaurant in Monterey!

In case you’re moving to the Sunny State

If you have planned to start a business, check out California house prices predictions for 2022 to know what to expect. Before the actual opening, it’s always good to check out the prices in other restaurants and act accordingly. Now, let’s get down to business!

In this story:

  • Cannery Row
  • Old Fisherman’s Warf
  • Lovers Point
  • Carmel-by-the-Sea
  • Big Sur
  • Pebble Beach

Starting with Cannery Row

Cannery Row changed beyond recognition in comparison to what it had looked like before. Once a fish packing area, Cannery Row is home to numerous shops, boutiques, and restaurants lining up the waterfront street, which it is. It’s one of the favorite destinations for locals and tourists alike. It might not have been among the ideal places for opening a romantic restaurant in Monterey a couple of years ago, but now it sure is, so grab the chance while you still can!

The sign for Cannery Row, a place loaded with romantic restaurants in Monterey
Cannery Row is filled with restaurants, and yours can be among them!

Open a romantic restaurant in Old Fisherman’s Warf

Not only does it have an unusual name, but Old Fisherman’s Warf stands out for its remarkable location as well; a perfect place for your future restaurant in Monterey. Being that it’s a tourist-oriented area, and it’s not the only one, you’ll have competition. Naturally, seafood is the main thing on the menu everywhere, so choose carefully between candidates for the position of cooks.

However, it’s not all about location and food and drinks. Ambient is important to the overall impression, and the right assistance is crucial for fulfilling this part of the task. Professional movers can help with transporting restaurant furniture and equipment without getting them damaged and making unnecessary costs. Plus, moving something fragile and expensive as the piano is beyond your knowledge and skill. For a second, imagine what a setback it would be to no longer hear the sweet sounds of a piano in your restaurant.

Boats anchored near Old Fisherman's Warf
Among favorite tourist locations, Fisherman’s Warf is a perfect place for a romantic restaurant in Monterey

Lovers Point: the name tells you everything

Lovers Point doesn’t carry that name for no reason. In fact, its east-facing location, the only one, from which you can watch the ocean sunrise; so rare on the West Coast. We suppose that you won’t be working at those hours, but still, the sun will be up in the sky later during the day which is still a wonderful sight. As the name suggests, the place is perfect for lovers, and thus location for your romantic restaurant in Monterey.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ocean Avenue

Now is the time for something quite different! There is no such place as Carmel-by-the-Sea in Monterey or any place near. Strolling along Ocean Avenue is a unique experience indeed. You forget about your whereabouts and feel as if you were some 5.000 away with Carmel-by-the-Sea resembling a German or Czech village. This is the perfect place for opening a restaurant, so find a place for you, pack your things properly, find assistance and enjoy the ride!

Opening a restaurant in Monterey? Consider Big Sur

Big Sur is located off the Pacific Coast Highway and offers a scenic view of the ocean right from the cliff. Being one of the top tourist destinations, your restaurant won’t go unnoticed. Even someone who is just passing through might stop to witness the beauty of Big Sur. And why wouldn’t that passer-by grab something to eat or have a refreshing cocktail before hitting the road again?

The Pacific Coast Highway in the mountains with a view of the Pacific Ocean
Big Sur absolutely meets every criterion for opening a restaurant in Monterey.

Pebble Beach, last but not the least

Pebble Beach has something that other places on the list don’t. Aside from the sight of crashing waves and the beach, it offers the view of green space, a lot of it. It has England’s charm in it, and you, along with your guests, will fall in love with the place.

Have you made up your mind yet?

Monterey is beautiful in itself, so finding the right place for a restaurant is easy. You might even choose something that isn’t here, but these are the best suggestions. When you finally make a decision, friendly locals from Mod Movers Monterey CA will be glad to help you with everything, and you can begin the journey. This may have been the commercial move, but soon you’ll find out that Monterey is an amazing place not only for business but also for life.

When is the best time for moving and opening a restaurant in Monterey?

Summer is naturally the best time for opening a restaurant. When it comes to moving a business, our experts from Joel Real Estate warned us that summer is not an ideal season for relocating, budget-wise alike. Seen in that light, moving before summer is a chance to make all necessary arrangements before the opening day comes and reap the benefit during the peak season.

Starting a restaurant there will give lovebirds and married couples another place for spending their nights together in intimate conversations, celebrating their love. If you give your best, your romantic restaurant in Monterey can become one of the best and most respected in the city!

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