neighborhoods for families in Bergen County

Best neighborhoods for families in Bergen County

Bergen County is in the state New Jersey. That being said you immediately know that Bergen County is definitely a cool place to live in. If you are thinking about moving there with your family this can be a very good decision. Some of the best neighborhoods for families in Bergen County are not hard to find. Bergen County is also very close to Manhattan. That is just another plus since some of the best schools can be found in Manhattan. However, Bergen County can easily compare their schools to some of the best schools in Manhattan. We are not here to talk about the beautiful Bergen County. So, stay tuned because there are many good reasons and beautiful neighborhoods for families.

Neighborhoods for families in Bergen County

There are a lot of neighborhoods in Bergen County that are great to raise a family. Some of these neighborhoods are:

  • Allendale
  • Tenafly
  • Glen Rock
  • Haworth
  • Ridgewood

And these are only a few honorable places that we will mention. All of these places are calm and family-oriented even though hectic life in Manhattan and New Jersey is really close to the Bergen County. Bergen county actually has one of the best neighborhoods for families, and if you do need some more excitement in your life Manhattan is just around the corner, and New Jersey as well. Every single one of these cities has their charm that will win you and your family.

new jersey building
There are many neighborhoods for families in Bergen County

Allendale and Tenafly

Allendale and Tenafly have a family spirit and basically, when you come to live here it is all family oriented. What is the most important fact being that crime rate is extremely low even though New Jersey and New York are there very close and they are not very familiar for their calm and criminal free days and nights?

If you are thinking to move here it can definitely be a great decision and there shouldn’t be much thinking about it since both of these small and very populated cities can provide your children with an excellent education. If this is not a reason enough it is a very known fact that both of these cities are quiet and calm and the residents are very friendly. No one will look at you in any strange way if you are new to the town, just the opposite, they will want to be very helpful to you and from the day one you and your family would feel at home.

Glen Rock and Haworth

And these two cities Glen Rock and Haworth are pretty similar to the two mentioned above. Their charm is that those are calm cities that will make you feel warm. However, there is something interesting about Glen Rock. And that is a bit different from the rest of the cities mentioned so far.

kids on the grass
Your kids will enjoy playing with other kids in Bergen County

Glen Rock has some of the best sports teams, and this fact can make your youngsters choose a sport and enjoying training with other kids since there are teams for every age you would like. Also, let’s mention again that the crime rate is crazy low and therefore there is no better reason to buy or rent a property in some of these cities. It is probably better if there are possibilities, of course, to invest in a property here where you can live with your family, while the worth of that same property keeps raising.


What is interesting about Ridgewood is that is somewhat more expensive to live in then in the other cities. However, salaries in Ridgewood are pretty high and it is very possible to live very well there with the incomes that having a job in Ridgewood provides you with. Ridgewood is very friendly. The whole town seems like one big happy family. People do not even look at their doors at night.

village street
Ridgewood is a very safe place to raise your children

Is that safe and that friendly. If you decide to choose Ridgewood as one of the best neighborhoods for families you won’t regret it. Schools are great and the educational systems are impeccable. Not to mention again safety. These are the times when parents worry when their kid goes to school alone. But in Ridgewood, this is not the case. And if your child is swapping schools because of you moving to Ridgewood, nothing to worry about. The new school will welcome him or her with a lot of love. That’s just how Ridgewood is.

Get ready to move to one of these nice neighborhoods

Once you have chosen the small Bergen County city you would like to move to, consider hiring a good moving company to help you relocate. Reliable movers like Ample Moving NJ can move your moving boxes in a blink of an eye. So, pack your bags, and all of the moving boxes. The life we all want is in some of these small but happy cities.

When you decide to move somewhere else and start a new chapter of your life with your family you have to have a clear mind and you need to know what you want from your new city. These small cities that we mentioned so far are perfect for families. And they remind us of the cities from a move. So, from wherever you are moving to Bergen County, even if you are preparing for a long-distance relocation, you are not making a mistake. If you wish all the best for you and your family this is the way to go. Being close to Manhattan but living in a safe place at the same time is a dream of many. And you can make that dream come true for your family.

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