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Best housing solutions for seniors in 2020

Moving after retirement is an option for most seniors. Some of them need help in everyday tasks, some of them want to move to a different community, or to be closer to grandkids. Reasons for moving are endless, but the housing solutions for seniors are not. We have a list of the best options for you as a senior, or for your parents (if you are researching for them).

Top housing solutions for seniors

If it is time for you to change your home and routine in 2020, you should move and start a new life. Being a baby boomer does not mean the end of the world, you will just change your life a little bit. Some of the housing options to consider are listed below.

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If you are able to, you can travel and explore the world, but you first need to take care of your housing options

Aging in place

If you don’t want to, aging in place is the best option for you as a senior but you need to add some senior-friendly home features. If you are an independent senior and you can do everyday tasks by yourself, you can consider this option for now.

Moving to a retirement community

Living in age-restricted or “retirement” communities is a housing option for people over a certain age. For example, Florida has many communities for seniors and programs for them to stay active and healthy. This way you will meet so many people and friends and still have fun. Hire a full service for any kind of relocation and move to one of these communities.

Assisted living

If you need help with ordinary activities such as cooking, bathing, getting dressed (buy you don’t need medical assistance), assisted living is an option to consider. Having assistance at this point is necessary. You will have a private bedroom and you won’t have to worry about laundry, cooking, etc. and you will have a lot of friends.

Living in a nursing home

Some seniors need medical assistance too. In that case, living in a nursing home is the best option for them because they will have professional assistance and doctors 24/7. These facilities provide meals, transportation, housekeeping, and 24/7 medical care. If you have a sick parent, this is the best for them and you won’t worry.

Moving in with kids

Moving in with ids is an option if they have time to take care of you if you need assistance. Being with kids and grandkids is nice, but both sides need to make so compromises. If you are moving in with kids, declutter your home, pack the most important items. This can be a win-win situation, especially when it comes to saving money.

Choosing housing solutions for seniors to live with kids.
You can enjoy with your grandkids and choose to live with kids

House sharing

If you don’t want to live with kids, you can rent a room in your house to another senior or you can move to a new home and have a “roommate”. Of course, this option is great only if you are both independent seniors who don’t need 24/7 medical care. It is one of the housing solutions for seniors to consider in that case.

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