One of Dallas areas for big families

Best Dallas areas for big families

Moving to the Lone Star State with your family? Dallas, you said? Well, you’re in the right place to find out the best Dallas areas for big families. Dallas offers diverse housing options, great job prospects, warm weather, and plenty of leisure activities. We believe that you’ll find something for yourself here. Why don’t we start right away?


Bluffview is a perfect area for settling down with your family. Raising children in this area is great because good private schools are located here in abundance. Not to mention that it’s a beautiful neighborhood with tree lines and creeks. You won’t regret it if you choose to live here. But whatever area you choose, be sure to have a reliable real estate agent who will help you choose the right house for you.

Highland Park: a perfect Dallas area for big and rich families

Highland Park is famous for:

  • being a posh area
  • breath-taking houses with lots of amenities, pools included
  • some of the best schools in the whole of Texas

If you can afford to live in an expensive neighborhood such as this one, surely you’d want to have an easy transfer to your new home once you’ve made the big decision. That is why you should consider hiring local movers whose assistance will help you a great deal with this daunting process of relocating.

House with a yard and pool
Highland Park is a great area for big families who can afford to live in luxury


Lakewood is a sparrow’s throw from downtown. Being near the center, it offers a variety of recreation options. It is a great place for shopaholics and people who like to have fun. To add, it is the place with the best cuisine. Lakewood is a good choice for all family members, no matter the years.

Murphy is among the most affordable Dallas areas for big families

Murphy is a small suburb area, and it has a tight-knit community. Friendly locals will be happy to meet their new neighbors, and you and your kids will always have someone to hang out with. The best thing is that this area is affordable. What are you waiting for then? Plan your move and start packing, but be careful and avoid packing mistakes if this is your first move.

People eating together
Enjoy gatherings with the warm and welcoming people of Murphy

Preston Hollow

According to our professionals from Evolution Moving Company DFW, this place has a Lord of the Rings vibe in it. Even though it looks expensive with its unique houses, it is, in fact, affordable. Also, it has excellent private schools.

Seek information on time

Once you’ve decided which area best suits your needs, you can browse Joel Real Estate. There you can find useful tips on preparing for relocation, finding reliable movers, things to do with a house, and many other topics. In that way, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and come to the right decision instead.

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