Texas flag, learn about Benefits of moving to the Woodlands

Benefits of moving to the Woodlands, TX 

When people think about moving to Texas, Dallas and Austin come to mind. They are excellent cities in their own right and can offer a lot to an individual. Joel Real Estate thinks you should make the Woodlands your next home. Let’s see the benefits of moving to the Woodlands, TX.

General facts about the Woodlands 

Woodlands is a city in the southeast part of Texas with 114,436 residents. The city is not that diverse 85% of the population is white. The majority of people in the Woodlands own their homes, around 70%. The cost of living is higher than the average in Texas by approximately 12%. The Woodlands is more costly because of the price of homes, so if you do not plan to own a home, you will not experience much of a difference. But if you want to buy a home in the Woodlands, it will cost you 413,100 dollars. And before you commit to a property in the Woodlands, you should learn how to make an offer on a house. 

The Woodlands is close to Houston 

Among the Woodlands’ biggest perks is its location. You are only 28 miles away from Houston. From the Woodlands – you can reach Houston in under 40 minutes because you are right on the I-45. Houston is one of the most populated city in Texas, so it can offer you anything you can not get in the Woodlands. If you can not find a job in the Woodlands, you can find it more comfortably in Houston – you will only have to commute. But you do not have to come to Houston for work. You can always drive and spend a weekend there when feeling bored in the Woodlands. So if you want to take benefits of Houston and the Woodlands, let experts help out with moving into your new place in The Woodlands. 

map of Texas that says HOUSTON on it.
One of the benefits of moving to the Woodlands is the proximity to Houston.

Benefits of moving to the Woodlands, TX – jobs, and business 

The second reason to move to the Woodlands is the job opportunities. Even though the Woodlands is not as big as Houston, it has many companies where you can begin your career. Companies that can offer you a good job are Anadarko Petroleum, they work in oil and have good office jobs.

The goods news is that if you do not want to work under someone, the city is very suitable for start-ups. To get you there fast, get an experienced moving company like State to State Move to relocate you to the Woodlands. 

Woman and man in suits high fiving.
If you want to start a business, you will not have any problems because the Woodlands has a strong business market because of the many companies located there.

Come for good quality homes in the Woodlands 

One of the benefits of moving to the Woodlands is the age of the homes. Even though homes in the Woodlands are more expensive than the average of Texas, they are of good quality. The average age of homes in the Woodlands is 19 years old. When buying homes in the Woodlands, you should learn ways to save money when purchasing a home

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