Housing scams are everzwhere, watch out!

Housing scams

The matter of purchasing a property is very delicate. For both sides included in the trade. Therefore, regardless of the side you are at, be careful. There are more and more real estate scams. Not only connected to buying, but also to renting the realty. Being that Joel real estate team is very long in this business, we seem to have met everything there is to meet when it comes to the housing scams. That is why we are writing this article. We are tired of attempts from buyers and sellers to trick each other or to trick us. So we give you some advice on how to avoid the housing scams. Here we will point out the most common tricks we revealed up to now, and, by that, help you recognise them when making a real estate investment. No matter if you are selling or buying,

Housing scam is everywhere, watch out!
Avoid investing money in a housing scam

Beware of housing scams- they are all around us!

It doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or a seller. When it comes to money, everybody is justifiably sensitive. Nobody likes to be robbed. And that is exactly what will happen in case you are sloppy, or not careful enough when purchasing such an expensive thing as a house or a condominium. So here are some tips you should be aware of before you put your money on the table.

The offer for the home you received is too good to be rejected

The first advice we are about to give you is- regardless on the matter when something looks too good to be true, it probably is. There is no such thing as buying a perfect housing for a too low price. Yes, rel estate agents are there to buy at low price and sell it at a high one. But you can’t expect that difference in prices to be too big. If you are about to buy a villa in an expensive seaside place for say 20.00$. If you do receive that kind of an offer, smoothly walk away before you get tricked and talked into buying it. And the scammers are excellent negotiators. They have outstanding skills. Beware of throwing your money away based on a nice fairytale, you are an adult, behave that way!

Every information you get about the housing is odd or incomplete

The indicators for a possible real estate fraud are various: The agent won’t show you the home, for any reason; He/she refuses to give you an address, also for whatever the reason he/she might claim to be; You receive the address and other information in an e-mail, and you check and prove them not to be true; You receive the mail with the information about the house from a free e-mail address of strange name (i.e. [email protected]);

Housing scam is burning your money
Avoid being crossed-over when purchasing a real estate

In case anything aforementioned happens, be ready to doubt that the agent or the real estate is the real one. These are not all the ways you may be tried to get tricked. These are just some forms to show you what to be careful about. If you recognise any of those elements, or you don’t recognise any, but something seems strange- Check it, double-check it and check it again! Don’t rush into spending your hard-earned money. Because if you do, there is a big chance that you are going to donate it to a real estate scammer.

Real estate agent forces you to make a property investment ASAP

You went to see the home. You like it very much. The address is real. You checked the rest of information about the housing, and everything seems to be true. But you want some time to think about that. That is completely legitimate right. I mean, you are not about to buy a pencil but to invest quite a big amount of money. That is when you start receiving calls and e-mails from your agent.

He/she is talking you into the buying home as soon as possible. The reason he/she might mention- There is someone else interested in buying it; The owner is having second thoughts on selling it; The agent can’t guarantee you that the price is going to remain the same after just a few days etc. If and when the communication about realty investment comes to this, you need to be aware that there’s a great chance that one of housing scams is going on in front of your eyes. And we already discussed what to pay attention to when buying a home in the USA.

It doesn’t matter that you saw the house. Have you heard of selling the same home to many different buyers? Or selling a place by someone just renting it from the real owner? There are also cases where the burglar enters the house, gets in touch with some lawyer and makes a false contract, and that way tries to sell some house that owners use for vacation only. Whatever the case is, here is the main tip when making a property investment again- always check it, double-check it and check it again! Only that way you won’t be burning your money because of a wrong real estate investing decision.

Real estate agents might get crossed-over by a buyer too

Joel real estate is here to help both- real estate agents, and real estate buyers. Therefore, we are about to tell you what to take care of when selling a property. Because, as much as you might think that it is impossible, you may get tricked by a buyer.

housing scam can happen to a real estate agent too
Real estate agents can run into the housing scam too!

If you receive an offer from abroad, for buying a housing unit, and the offer stands with sight-unseen, how realistic may it be? Or someone offers you to buy home cash-only. That does take place sometimes, but so rarely that if that kind of offer happens, get suspicious immediately! Another way to have a doubt of housing scams by the buyers is when a buyer gives you too much information and looks to0 eager to buy some property. A realty buyer might have good persuading power but learn about what those false persuasions look like and sail away before you have your ship robbed, so to speak metaphorically!


Let’s recapitulate what we said were the most important facts about housing scams:

  • The offer for the home you received is too good to be rejectedToo good to be true is not just a phrase. If you receive that kind of offer, it is wise to say: No, thank you.
  • Every information you get about the housing is odd or incompleteWould you really buy a realty that you can’t find anything about? Or everything you do find is false information?
  • Real estate agent forces you to make a property investment ASAP– Take your time when it comes to buying a housing. Housing scams are everywhere you look. Don’t be sloppy and buy a property because someone tells you should.
  • Real estate agents might get crossed-over by a buyer too– Real estate agents are commonly educated and well-informed people. That is why they may get into the housing scams easily. The swimmers have a higher risk of drowning than non-swimmers, remember that!

In the end, we will advise you to contact Joel real estate in case of buying or selling a property. We are going to help you provide the purchase or sale safely. And the safety is the most important thing when it comes to purchasing a housing!

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