Staging real estate - Advanced home staging hacks

Advanced home staging hacks

Instead of repeating standard home staging tips, here’re some advanced home staging hacks you can use to keep home in perfect condition. You can use some of these hacks before you list your home. But, others require to add to your regular morning and evening routine while your home is on the market.

Here are some advanced home staging hacks:

Try to use display towels

So, how to prepare a home for selling? Well, start by making your kitchen and bathrooms look immaculate. Never leave out a dirty hand or wet bath towels. In case you don’t have a place to stash them, toss them in a basket and put them in your car when you leave for a showing. Then, buy new, clean bath towels to display for showings. They don’t have to be expensive because you are not using them. Just keep them perfectly neat and folded.

Bathroom Towels - Advanced home staging hacks
Make sure you always have clean bath towels to display for showings. This is one of the best advanced home staging hacks.

Advanced home staging hacks – Use flowers to make home fresh and inviting

Place fresh flowers or greenery on your tables in the dining room and kitchen. But, if you live in the right climate, green yard clippings are your free option. All you have to do is pop them in a pretty vase. For those who can’t get yard clippings for nine months out of the year, try store-bought fresh flowers. Like alstroemeria and mini carnations. These are the best flowers for home staging because they look great on their own. Plus, have multiple blooms per stem for a full look, and last 2-3 weeks. So, buy a big bunch and put them in a vase of water. Using flowers is also one of the decorating your new home on a tight budget – tips and tricks.

Make your paper piles disappear

Things like mail piles or schoolwork on the kitchen counter are a part of normal life. But, when you’re selling the house, they need to disappear. You can keep all important papers in a small acrylic file holder in the mudroom. So, when you leave for showings, you can take the whole paper box with yourself.

Advanced home staging hacks – Hide cords and devices

We all tend to become blind to cord clutter in our own homes. Like the phone charging cord on the kitchen counter, the web of cords behind the TV or the stray lamp cord. So, do your best to clean up and hide them. You can buy some special management tools or use a cable tie to organize and secure cords.

Phone charging cord
Make sure you hide your devices and cords.

Limit access to some home areas

If your family has one room where everybody loves to spend time, you will not have to deal with the mess in the whole home. Hanging out as a family will keep your mess confined to one area. So, you can pick it up quickly if you got a showing request. 

Always clean your home

When you’re selling a home, you have to clean constantly because you may get only an hour’s notice for a showing. So, make sure you have a grocery bag or a small caddy with cleaning spray, a sponge, rags, and a microfiber cloth. Take it with you through the house to perform last-minute cleaning.

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