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7 tips for planning a summer relocation with pets in Maryland

No matter how you look at it – the moving process is stressful. The process has many tasks that are hard to take on. And if you have pets, the whole process gets even more challenging. Joel Real Estate has 7 tips for planning a summer relocation with pets in Maryland. With our advice, you will have everything sorted before your moving day to Maryland

Contact your vet before relocation with pets in Maryland

The first thing to do after you decide to move to Maryland with pets is to contact your vet. The move can also be stressful for your pets, and you need a way to mitigate that stress. You probably have techniques to help calm your pets. For extra advice, you should visit your vet. They will tell the methods you can use to help your pets stay calm during the relocation. 

two vets and a Labrador, learn about  planning a summer relocation with pets in Maryland
The vet can check your pet’s health and teach you how to lower your pet’s stress.

But advice for stress relief is not the only thing you should do at the vet. Check if your pets need revaccinations. Get medicine if your pets have any problems. Do not forget your pet’s medical records. You will need to give the files to your new vet. Finally, ask your vet for a recommendation for a reliable vet in your new city. 

If everything is in order with your furry friend, you can focus on other tasks, like finding a good moving company

Finding a moving company to help with your move to Maryland 

When you know everything is okay with your pets, you need to make moving more comfortable with the help of movers. Our second tip is to start looking for a moving company as soon as possible. Here are the steps you should take to find the best movers in Maryland:

  • The first step is to ask your friends for any local Maryland movers. You can even ask your vet for any help;
  • The second step is to make a list of companies with the best reviews. There are plenty of reviews on the internet;
  • The third step is to contact the best candidates and discuss your needs and how much it will cost to get to Maryland. Do not forget to mention you have pets and see if they can offer assistance.;
  • Finally, the company that will provide the most help with your summer relocation with pets in Maryland.
a man in a moving van
A summer relocation with pets in Maryland will be easier with movers by your side assisting with moving tasks.

Finding a mover who can deal with all of your needs is challenging, and you might want to skip the process. Since you are moving to Maryland, maybe Beltway Movers can help with the relocation. 

Do not change your routine because you are planning a move

A switch in your routine can mess up your whole day and cause unnecessary stress. The same applies to your pets. Most people will think that animals are not sensitive to routine changes. But when it comes to small things like walking and feeding time. They can feel when you are not punctual. That is why our third tip is to try and stay consistent as much as you can. 

Try and do all the things you did before you started planning the move and do it at the same time. It will lower your pet’s anxiety with all the changes in their furry lives. 

Prepare the bag of essentials before relocating with pets in Maryland

In addition to worrying about your pet during the move, you have to consider his need after the move. Specifically, two days after you arrive in your new home in Maryland. 

When you arrive, you will be busy unpacking and settling into your new place. And you might not have the time to get everything your pet needs. You should put all the essential things your pets need in a bag and carry them with you. 

Get your pets used to the moving supplies for your Maryland move

The fifth tip to make the move easier for you and your pets is to get them used to all the packing supplies. When all of your cardboard boxes and wrapping materials arrive, your pets will get interested. They will want to play with them and maybe even tear them apart, causing you to buy new supplies and lose money. 

You can slowly bring in moving supplies and train them not to touch them. But the best option is to put all the moving supplies in a separate room. Or you can ask experts to assist with your residential move in Maryland. They can pack you up fast while you give your pets to a friend, and you do not even have to deal with the packing supplies. 

Get your pet secured for a summer relocation with pets in Maryland

You need to secure your pet in your car so it can travel safely to your new home. If you have never driven your pet, you probably don’t have the right equipment. You should go to a bet store and buy a carrier for your pet. Make sure that it is bigger than your pet so it has plenty of space. Secure the crate with a seatbelt to prevent it from sliding around in your car. 

Orange Tabby Cat in a Green Cat Carrier
A carrier will allow you to control your pet better in your vehicle.

Make your new home pet-friendly

Our final tip is to pet-proof your new home in Maryland. Depending on what pet you have this process will differ. We recommend you learn about your new home and see where are the places your pets can get out or hurt themselves and get all the items you need to minimize the risks. 


The 7 tips for planning a summer relocation with pets in Maryland that we have shared with you will make the process easier. Of course, these are general tips. You know your pets best, so the thing about them when organizing a move to Maryland. If you have any more questions about moving in Maryland, feel free to contact us, and we will try to help you.

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